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World Hockey U-20 Championship | Switzerland 0: 1 Slovakia – upset Slovakia at the start. The Germans fought 14 players, and the Russians defeated the United States

Jason FransonAnd the ČTK / AP

Slovakia suffered a 0: 6 defeat in the last preparations with the Czech Republic, pooling Hlavaj and Latkóczy three times, but this was really forgotten.

In the fifth minute, Latecoche assists the right-hand post after Ray Faust’s shot. The Swiss offered coach Robert Petrovico three more matches in the first half, but goalkeeper Thibault Vatone was also bulletproof.

Pšenika, Toman and Poizl did not fit into the junior team of the World Hockey Championship

Another power game among the Slovaks was cut short at the start of the second part due to a mistake by Juraj Slafkovský, and despite opportunities on both sides, there was a country without goals. Michel Maraczek had the biggest chance for the Slovaks in the 34th minute. In the third period, the Swiss resisted even with Cedric Fiedler being excluded.

Canadian striker Dash lost MS in his twenties due to a wrist injury

The Slovaks scored in the 55th minute when a puck ball rebounded after a quick break from Faith, who headed into the open goal. In the end, Petrovicky’s pick defended the double for four minutes, and the Trenchen goalkeeper almost miraculously spent the formidable chance of Inaki Barragan. He collided with a bullet towards the column, which was further from him.

The German foreign player fought bravely with 14 players

Only 14 players on the field can be used by Germany’s U-20 coach Tobias Apstriter. The outside party infected with the Coronavirus lost shots with the favorite Finns from 22 to 50, however the end result has no such opposite effect.

Finn Ronnie Hirvonen (blue) attacks Germany’s captain and senior star Tim Stotzel at the U-20 World Cup in Edmonton, Canada.

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Jason FransonAnd the ČTK / AP

3: 5 loss, bright moments for captain Tim Stotzel, 2020 draft hat-trick and the decent performance of goalkeeper Tiffensie. These will be the main points of contact that Germany will want to bet on in other matches, especially with the Slovaks and the Swiss.

The Finns shared the Canadian points and 11 players scored an assist or a goal, while Nikanen and Nimela, who made their debut in the Canadian World Championships, emerged with two points.

The classic hockey game made a great hockey game

The fact that the Russians will be among the favorites for the entire tournament is evidenced by the accusations of the legendary Igor Larionov and our seniors in the Kargala Cup. In a Night Duel in Edmonton, they tackled Americans 5: 3 with cute chops.

They decided their victory mainly through the excellent second part of the game, which they dominated in a 3: 0 ratio. Vasily Ponomargov, 18, scored two goals. On the other hand, the recent pressure in the third period, in which they nearly wiped out the deficit of three targets, did not help the United States either. However, on final pressure, they were finally able to group themselves into an empty net with a Shinakov’s stick.

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The Czechs will enter Group Two on Saturday at 20:00 CET against Sweden, and Canadian hockey players will defend the title.

Ice Hockey U-20 World Championship in Edmonton:
Group A:
Switzerland-Slovakia 0: 1 (0: 0, 0: 0, 0: 1)
Objective and records: 55. Faith (Namek, Marazeeq). Judges: Lawrence, Sandluck-Chabot, Harris (everyone was.). Exclusion: 6: 4, plus Kňažko (SR) 10 minutes. No benefit. No spectators.
Germany-Finland 3: 5 (0: 2, 2: 3, 1: 0)
Branky a nahrávky: 26. Dubé (Volek), 31. Stützle (Peterka, Elias), 49. Elias (Stützle) – 4. Lundell (Hatakka, Hirvonen), 20. Aku Räty (Nikkanen, Heinola), 22. Pyyhtiä ( Kokkonen, Aku Räty), 32. Niemelä (Simontaival), 34. Nikkanen (Pärssinen, Niemelä). Rosudi: Kowalski, Maki-Stuart, Manila (všichni Kan.). Vyloučení: 3: 2, navíc Hirvonen (Fin.) 10 min. Využití: 1: 1 Bez diváků.
Group B:
Russia-USA 5: 3 (1: 1, 3: 0, 1: 2)
Goals and records: 9. Ponomarjov (priesthood, Kirsanov), 24. Bardakov (Groceev), 32. Ponomargov, 33. Safonov, 60. Chinchov (Amirov, Chusnotdinov) – 15. York (Kofeld, Boldi), 50. Varinacci (Helleson) , Brink), 58. Zegras (York). Judges: Gwen, Roland-Aucoin, Vanusten (all of them were …). Exclusion: 4: 1. Usage: 0: 1. No spectators.