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World Relay - Poland conducts athletics

World Relay – Poland conducts athletics

April 30, 2021, 6:18 p.m.

The two-day show of the fifth edition of the World Release begins tomorrow. There is also a Czech national team in Sono, Poland, whose relays will try to qualify for the Olympics in Tokyo and the World Championships in Eugene.

The World Relay will be held for the fifth time this year. They were screened at NASA’s Bahamian metropolis in 2014, where they also took place a year later in the 2017 season, with the Czech national team also being screened at the event. The call-relay relay then finished twelfth overall. After three Caribbean stops, the company moved to Yokohama, Japan in 2019, where Czech travel was already in high numbers. The quarterbacks improved their position by two places at NASA and finished tenth at the Doha World Championships later that year. The men’s team in the 4x100m also performed very well, beating the old national record and was in twelfth place. The women finished 15th after the 4 x 100m relay.

The relay “World Championship” moves to the European continent for the first time and is hosted by Sonov of Poland. This time, the Czech men’s men’s 4 x 400 meter relay, 4 x 400 meter relay combination and 4 x 100 meter relay will be sent to the fight. The goals are clear. The top eight teams from this year’s World Relay will defend their participation in the Tokyo Olympics. Eugene will meet the nomination requirement to start the World Championship in 2022 after the elite ten in the overall rankings. In the mixed relay for the 4 x 400 meter distance, even the top 12 teams will qualify. The finalists of the Doha World Championship have already received participation in Tokyo. Therefore, if some of these selections advance to the finals in Sono, the remaining teams will be selected based on the time they reach at the end of the nomination period for the Olympics. Relay times to miss the final are also important.

Due to the current situation in the world, many strong national federations have decided not to send their athletes to Sono. For example, the United States and Jamaica, the two most successful countries in the short history of world relays, have decided. There are no other sprinter and quarter powers like Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas or Canada. Australia and India were also canceled at the last minute. This increases the chances for other exams, including Czech.

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4 x 400 men

The chances of our men’s relay being placed in the elite eights are now much higher than they first appeared. There will be no three-time winners from the United States initially, nor will Trinidad and Tobago, who disrupted American rule in Yokohama. Jamaica and the Bahamas are also missing, so World Relays can expect the first European winner in this discipline. The Belgians, who won bronze at the last World Championships, have traditionally had strong relays, despite Jonathan Borle being injured at the last minute. Of course, the domestic poles must also be taken into account. The three-quarters of the team that finished in 2018 for the title of indoor world champions at the time world record will also be in the starting lineup in Sono. There are also Dutchmen who showed their strength at the recent European Indoor Championships in Torres, where they were delighted with the title, while the same four are still nominated. There should also be other final relays from the World Championships in Doha, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The Colombians will try to pursue their victory from the last World Championships in fourth place, and they will start in the same order as in Qatar, including the 400m world champion Anthony Sambrano. Even if the South Africans have to do without their biggest star Wade van Niekerk, just like Botswana’s ambitious selection, they can still think of better places. It would not be good to underestimate the Japanese who missed out on the World Finals in Doha by only nine hundred and finished fourth in the World Relay in Yokohama. The starting list is supplemented by other strong competitors such as Spain, Nigeria, Kenya, Turkey and Germany.

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Michael Desensky, Pavel Muslek, Martin Dusek and Patrick Šorm will present themselves early Saturday.

4 x 400 mix

The 4 x 400 meter hybrid relay is the most disciplined ever. 22 countries are presented. The Czech team will run in the ranks of Madz Kresek, Barbora Malkova, Lada Vondrov and Daniel Lehr. For most teams, the only way to qualify for the Olympics is through world relays. Among the registered teams, the UK reached the highest point in Doha, which was fourth. The highest ambition will be Poland, who finished in the World Cup behind the national team from the United Kingdom. At the World Finals, Brazil also came to Poland.

The Netherlands and Belgium can count on a wide and high quality selection. The bronze medals are protected by Kenya from Yokohama. Colombia may be a black horse because Anthony Sambrano is also on the mixed relay list. Other competitors for our Thursdays are Italy, Ukraine, Germany, France and Japan. No one on this team would want to miss the Olympic premiere of this discipline.

4 x 100 men

If we can advance to the final eight of our men’s sprint relay and qualify for the Olympics, it will be our first participation in our 4 x 100 meter relay after almost fifty years. The Czechoslovak Sprinter Quartet last competed in the 1972 Games in Munich. Zdeněk Stromšík, Jiří Polák, Jan Jirka and Jan Veleba are all set to compete in the Sonov final.

Not participating in relays from the North American continent and the Caribbean also plays into their hands. However, there are other strong teams led by Brazilian gold lawyers from Yokohama. Almost the same line as Sonov defeated the coveted Americans two years ago. At the Doha World Championships, he finished just below the podium in fourth place behind Japan, which will also be at the start, and will try to hesitate from the World Relay to be held in Yokohama. This year the South African team will be drawn by Akani Simba, who has already completed three hundred under 10s. The South Africans are fifth in Doha, while the French and Dutch are in Poland. Hundreds of Italians can also count on Marcello Jacobs, the national record holder in the Filippa Torta and the new indoor European champion in the sixties. The relays of Germany, Poland, Turkey, Portugal and Nigeria certainly have ultimate goals.

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4 x 100 women

The Czech women’s 4 x 100m relay goes to Poland due to the failures of some permanent members of the improved line-up, so at least the team Johanna Kysarov, Martina Hofmanova, Jana Slaninov and Barbora Eplektnov will try to improve on 15th place in Yokohama. Favorites are Italian and Swiss. Both relays hosted the last World Final. However, at the last minute, Switzerland’s biggest star, Ajla del Ponde, left. Daphne Skippers, of course Nadine Wieser’s fast bowler and Jameel Samuel from the inner European sixties will run to the Netherlands. Home Poland relies mainly on Eva Svoboda. The backbone of the Nigerian team is the experienced Blessed Okapre, who has already run a century in 11 seconds this year.

4 x 400 women

The women’s 4 x 400 meter race must be done without Czech participation. Nevertheless, it will definitely be very enjoyable. Gold from Yokohama and silver from Doha are protected by poles. At the moment, however, they can not trust the traditional support of Justina Sveta-Ersedic and Ina Pamkard-Vitanova. A big threat to the domestic team will be the indoor European champions from the Netherlands, who will run in the same order in which they improved their championship record in Torres. The English have traditionally had medal aspirations, and Belgium was fifth on the podium at the World Championships in Doha.

In addition to the championship categories, the program also includes relays for the 4 x 200 meters, 2 x 2 x 400 meters and an obstacle relay.