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World’s Best-Selling Smartphone: iPhones Totally Crush the Competition

In January of this year, Apple’s latest production of smartphones reached the top selling smartphones in the world. IPhone has such a powerful position. Of course it’s a wall of darkness, even in January they were IPhone 12 In fact, many competitors sold new year-old models in January of this year, and the new aircraft has yet to be put up and sold.

Anyway, according to Counterpoint, Apple captured at least 19 percent of the global market in January. Its cheapest model on the given scale is iPhone SE For 12,990 K, which is the last iPhone. On the contrary, the competition from Xiaomi and Samsung, which reached the ten best-selling models, is among the cheapest models in the portfolio of the two brands and they are several times cheaper than the cheapest iPhone.

Apple is very good at selling expensive phones and they seem cheap on the edge of customers. So when someone goes to buy an iPhone, they go for the very expensive model.

World’s Best-Selling Model January 2021
Form Market dependent
IPhone 12 6%
IPhone 12 Pro Max 5%
IPhone 12 Pro 4%
IPhone 11 2%
Xiaomi Redmi 9A 2%
Xiaomi Redmi 9 1%
Samsung A21s 1%
IPhone 12 mini 1%
Samsung A31 1%
IPhone SE 2020 1%

It is also evidenced by the fact that Apple customers are full of small models. Coupled with the relatively inexpensive SE model, the smaller and cheaper iPhone 12 stands on the tail, that is Small model.

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According to Couterpoint, Xiaomi has managed to get the most out of all the brands outside of Appl. The Redmi 9A model in only five functions is considered one of the cheapest features of the model, and is currently sold in the Czech market for about 2,700 kroner. I put the Xiaomi model in the list among the very cheap models. He is in this position Redmi 9Which is currently sold for 3,800 kroner.

According to Couterpoint, Samsung ranks seventh and ninth. In the research agency data, all models from Estho City to Ninth City have a fork of one percent, but in particular the data are rounded, the differences will not be significant.

It’s seven Samsung A21sOne of the many A2x models that Samsung introduced last year. Sale is currently available after discounts from 3,990KB. Samsung A31 On the devtm mst stand 4990K.

It is quite evident that Apple is a great seller of expensive models, which are also the best sellers in the world. On the contrary, the competition among the best-selling phones is the simplest models, where the sea is very low.