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World's most brutal sport: Burmese boxing is reserved for strong personalities only

World’s most brutal sport: Burmese boxing is reserved for strong personalities only

Lethwei has not been Burmese boxing It is often referred to as The hardest and bloodiest martial arts in the world. why? One reason is that the fighters fight without gloves and only wrap their fists in bandages. But also because in Burmese boxing, techniques that are prohibited in other martial arts, such as blows to the head are allowed. Additionally, knockout or abandoning an opponent are the only ways a fighter can win under the traditional rules.

In our region, the sport became widely known thanks to the duel of Petr Kareš and Samuel “Pirate” Krištofi, who competed according to Burmese boxing rules at the XFN: Double Red Fight Night tournament at the end of 2019 in Bratislava. The editorial staff at REFRESHER contacted Peter Karisch to share his personal experience with us.

Burmese boxing is said to be the most brutal sport in the world. Is this true. When two ready-to-wear athletes fight without gloves, it is no longer a sport. It is a war. It was a powerful experience and a lack of understanding at the same time, ” Karish, a former K-1 fighter and promoter, told us.

Source: Wikimedia / Lethwei Master (License:

As the name suggests, Burmese boxing originated in Burma, or Myanmar today. As stated in the foreign gate LethweiDedicated to this fully-connected martial art, it traces its origins to the Pew States period, which existed from about the second century BC to the middle of the eleventh century. The interesting thing is that for more than a thousand years, the rules have existed to this day Changed only minimally.

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Burmese boxing is sometimes called also “The Art of the Nine Parties”. From the very beginning of this sport, punches and elbows are permitted, and fighters can kick and strike with the knees, but in addition, as mentioned earlier, it is also possible to perform Blows to the head. She always fights exclusively Without gloves Games can be attended by any man. Moreover, at that time, the match could not end in a draw. They fought until the knockout fell or one of the wrestlers was unable to continue.

Although the essence of the sport has been preserved, Burmese boxing has undergone some modernization over time. However, these are not as big changes as one might expect. One of the major differences compared to a similar original Burmese boxer with its current concept is the transition to traditional rings. It used to be a struggle On the sand.

Source: Wikimedia / Lethwei Master (License:

The traditional rules of Burmese boxing

– She is fighting Five rounds of three minutes
– There are wheels between them Two-minute breaks (In other combat sports, such as MMA or boxing, it’s usually only one minute.)
– The fighter can only win Knockout Or after Abandon the opponent
– Does not exist There is no points system
– If both fighters stop at the end of the match, the match is announced Like a tie. It didn’t matter which fighter was more active and dominant during the fight
– If the fighter gets a knockout, he can marry A two-minute break (What is called injury time) to recover and then determine if he wants to continue the fight. However, he cannot take the hit timeout in the last round, i.e. the fifth round
– For the match Supervised by a ring judgmentWho monitors compliance and can also call a doctor if a combatant is seriously injured

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Currently there are several organizations that specialize in Litho Boxing or Burmese, and the exact rules may differ somewhat for each. In some cases, the matches may be more like the traditional version of Burmese boxing, while in other places it may be a more modern method that protects the athletes more.

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