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Zleva: Amari Cooper (Cowboys), Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona), Gerrit Cole (NY Yankees)

World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams: The ranking is dominated by clubs from the United States of America

Although the coronavirus pandemic dealt a horrific blow to sport, the value of the most valuable teams rose by an average of 9.9% to $ 3.4 billion (71.6 billion crowns). Clubs from the United States dominate fifty teams. The list includes 26 American football teams, 9 basketball teams, 9 soccer clubs, and 6 baseball clubs

There are only three European teams in the top ten, the football clubs Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and last year’s Champions League winner Bayern Munich.

The ranking is dominated by the Dallas Cowboys big American football club in Texas with a value that has increased 43% over the past five years, $ 5.7 billion (120 billion kroner). The owner is 78-year-old Jerry Jones, who bought the club in 1989 for $ 150 million (3 billion crowns).

Top 10 clubs in the world

1. Dallas Cowboys (NFL) – $ 5.7 billion

2- New York Yankees (MLB) – $ 5.25 billion

3- New York Knicks (NBA) 5 billion dollars (105 billion crowns).

4. FC. Barcelona (La Liga) $ 4.76 billion (100.3 billion crowns).

5- Real Madrid (La Liga) 4.75 billion dollars (100.2 billion crowns).

6- Golden State Warriors (NBA) – $ 4.7 billion (99 billion crowns).

7. LA Lakers (NBA) – $ 4.6 billion

8- New England Patriots (NFL) – 4,4 billion (92 billion kron)

9- New York Giants (NFL) $ 4.3 billion (90 billion kronor).

10- Bayern Munich (German League) 4.21 billion (88 billion crowns).

A complete list of the 50 most expensive teams in the world Here.

Until recently, Masahiro Tanaka also played for the Yankees, the second most valuable club in the world, and his teammate punched him in the head with a shot. Looking at:

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