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WWE 2K23 adds another free playable Superstar

WWE 2K23 Will add another new free playable Superstar in next patch. This news comes on the heels of the most recent one WWE 2K23 Add a free listing, Mia Yim. The development team is looking forward to working hard to keep the game fresh and deliver a great experience this year by listening to general audience feedback.

while the WWE 2K23 The roster is no joke in terms of size, many fans still cannot accept that so many of their current and favorite WWE Superstars are not part of the game. The previous year’s iteration was different in that much of the roster was made up of characters who were not employed by WWE by the time the game was released. However, this year’s edition was missing a lot of the current big names who have since returned to the company even after the supposed time period to close the list. Fortunately, the WWE 2K23 The team may look to correct omissions by offering free additional content.

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As announced in WWE 2K23Candice LeRae’s Twitter account will have her return to the franchise as soon as the next patch launches. The previously mentioned LeRae and Mia Yim are just two models that were revealed recently WWE 2K23 Moderates, a lot of players were somewhat expecting the announcement. Free DLC is a very uncommon practice in WWE 2K franchise, with another example WWE 12The Kane DLC is compelling, so this is very good news for fans of the game.

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Via the video ad, it appears Candice Larry is wearing it WWE 2K22 The model will still look like her current look. Fortunately, her model recycling works as she hasn’t changed her appearance after her brief hiatus during her pregnancy. On that note, many fans still hope to port over other older models to it WWE 2K23 So that other playable characters can be brought into the game as well. Some notable names that she can easily move into WWE 2K23 It will be Tegan Knox and Bronson Reed. Reed was previously a canceled DLC for WWE 2K22, But his model was hidden in that game’s files.

New characters are always welcome additions. with WWE 2K23DLC’s are also released at regular intervals from April through August, and the final slate seems to be stacked. While the hope is that more free characters succeed, the absolutely huge standard roster is enough to keep players entertained for a long time. The new, free Superstars will really help reinforce the idea that the development team is working hard to keep fans satisfied and happy. This could be one of the best WWE games in the series if 2K continues to provide support for the title.

WWE 2K23 Available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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