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“X-Linux” project.. The British government forms a committee to study the merits of the proposal

The United Kingdom government has taken another step to adopt the “X-Linux” maritime communications project with the United Kingdom.

In this regard, the British Energy Minister, Graham Stewart, confirmed that the government has formed a committee in his ministry to specifically consider the feasibility and benefits of this proposal.

The confirmation came in response to a written question from Heather Wheeler, Conservative MP in the House of Commons in the United Kingdom for South Derbyshire, about the progress of the proposed maritime link with Morocco.

In the text of the British minister’s reply, a copy of which was seen by “LoDisc”, he said, “The Government is interested in the ‘X-Linux’ project and has formed a special committee within the Ministry – to understand the feasibility and benefits of the proposal, and how it can contribute to energy security in the Kingdom.” United”.

As a reminder, An electric submarine cable project linking Morocco and Britain was mentionedWithin the British Energy Strategy published in March.

It is significant X-Linux is looking to run two 1.8 GW submarine cables between Morocco and the UK, of this type, will be the longest sea line to be accomplished; 3.6 GW of electricity from Morocco to UK on horizon.

On the other hand, in recent months, the possibility of implementing this idea on the ground has been surrounded. The UK government’s position on the initiative remained ambiguous, albeit ambiguous, in addition to several figures who decided to withdraw from the project. “X-Linux” promotes media pressure in Britain. In an attempt to convince the authorities of this excellent scheme.

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It is noteworthy that Mubaraka Bouaida, the head of the Guelmim-Oued-Noun region, had previously disclosed this. Completion of the project will be done in three partsIt is the Mahbas region in Assa-Zag province and the two regions of Sepika and Lamsit in Dan-Dan province. The project, at the technical level, has reached advanced stages and field work is expected to commence after the signing of related agreements.

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