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xCloud بدأت بالوصول إلى منصات إكس بوكس

xCloud is starting to arrive on Xbox platforms

After a limited test back in September, Microsoft announced that it had started rolling out the ability to play games Xbox Cloud Games Via various Xbox, including Xbox Xbox X And Xbox S And Xbox One.

The feature requires a subscription to Game Pass Ultimate. But it is no longer necessary to participate in the program Alpha Skip Forward And Alpha inside.

According to the Arab Gateway for Technology News, although the feature is still in an experimental stage, it is now available to select Xbox owners in 25 markets, and the company plans in the coming weeks to expand the service to include all platforms in those regions.

The company says it’s rolling it out first with a November release for a subset of Xbox gamers and everyone in supported markets over the coming weeks.

Cloud gaming on Xbox platforms can bring a number of useful features, which you can use to try out or view demo games available on Xbox. Game Pass Ultimate without having to download it completely.

And if a friend sends you an invite for a multiplayer game that you haven’t installed, Xbox Cloud Games It allows you to broadcast the game so you can enter live.

And if you have a device xbox one, then Xbox Cloud Games Let you play some exclusive next-gen games like Retranslate And average And rift Cross platform from the previous generation.

Although Microsoft Flight Simulator Not yet available. But Microsoft says it is being added to its cloud gaming library in early 2022.

It arrived Xbox Cloud games (Formerly known as xCloud project) to me iOS The PC is in an invite-only beta in April before it is expanded to all subscribers Game Pass Ultimate In the month of June.

Integration has been introduced Xbox Cloud Games Cross-platform debuts for Xbox Insider subscribers in September.

up news Xbox Cloud Games Across platforms during a busy week for Microsoft. On Monday, the company launched a multiplayer mode in Infinite aura.

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It also added 76 new games to the backward compatibility library. and brought FPS Boost To some cloud games and more games Xbox Xbox X And Xbox Series S.