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Xi Jinping's Speech on Technical Development - A Chinese portal in your language

Xi Jinping’s Speech on Technical Development – A Chinese portal in your language

Secretary-General of UV KS in China, Chinese President, Chairman of the Central Military Commission of China Xi Jinping (Xi Jinping) attended a conference of academics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Science and Technology on May 28.

He stressed that China insists on considering technological self-sufficiency as a strategic support for national development in the new development stage, implementing new development concepts, building a new development model, supporting high-quality development, and comprehensive implementation of science and education in the country. The strategy for renewal, national talent and development strategies focused on innovation, improving the national innovation system, accelerating building a strong science and technology nation, and achieving high technological self-sufficiency.

He stressed the need to make progress in reforming the science and technology system, to create a basic system that supports comprehensive innovation, and to focus on improving the evaluation system and other fundamental reforms.

Xi added that China should coordinate development and security, plan and support innovation at the global level, actively integrate into the global innovation network, address issues such as climate change and human health, and promote joint research and development with scientific researchers from different countries. It is imperative to deeply participate in the global governance of science and technology so that Chinese science and technology can make a greater contribution to building a society with a shared future for mankind.

He stressed that China should stimulate the innovative vitality of all kinds of talents, build global talent, pay more attention to independent talent training, strive to create a global pool of the best scientific and technological talents, and develop more high-quality artistic talents. . It is imperative to build advanced scientific research and innovation that gathers excellent talents from all over the world, improves labor policy, and exchanges the best foreign talents and experts in China.

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Xi also said that China should consolidate the original and pioneering scientific and technological discoveries and definitely win the battle against the major basic technologies. Chinese scientific and technological research should focus on practical issues, starting with the urgent and long-term needs of the country, to improve the transmission and transformation efficiency of scientific and technological achievements. It is necessary to promote the integration of modern engineering and technological scientific research in many fields, to support the development of basic science and engineering technology and to establish a comprehensive modern science and technology system.

Xi added that China should deepen reform of the academic system, tackle major and original scientific issues, boldly penetrate into the innovative “no man’s land”, penetrate key technologies that limit development, discover, train and gather a pool of high-quality talent and innovative high-level teams.