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Xiaomi has created a very complex solution to a complex problem

Smartphone manufacturers have been working for several years on how to get rid of the front camera that should be left on the phone. It has a lot to do with the screen. These are enlarged, while the frames are minimized. Then there was no space left for the camera and other sensors.

That’s why the first camera cutouts came, followed by the stills. Some manufacturers have tested and sometimes still are testing retractable cameras or entire parts of the phone to give access to the front camera, but without reducing the display area. So far, inexpensive cellphone cut-outs and display shots of more expensive and more expensive phones predominate.

Retractable cameras are not snapped up, every mechanical component is a potential risk and is definitely a more expensive solution. Therefore, it is surprising that Xiaomi wants to combine a mechanical solution and a complex camera placement under the display.

The first camera phone with an under-screen camera was introduced by ZTE last fall. Model Axon 20 5G It sparked a lot of interest later in the auditions Its subdisplay camera solution completely failed. In practice, this is basically not usable.

However, manufacturers believe in this alternative, although they have to deal with the transparency of supply from one side and not perceive the opening from the outside. Of course, the camera itself has to deal with limited lighting.

This year, the camera below the screen should get a new foldable Samsung Z Fold 3 And maybe another Samsung model. For foldable models, the displays have a different combination, maybe more suitable for a similar installation, but it remains to be seen. Another must-have mobile phone with the same camera is Xiaomi, and again a foldable model with a flexible screen (not yet released) (One already has Xiaomi) And the next Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. Other manufacturers are very likely to be added.

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The additional attempts are likely to be much better than the unsuccessful ZTEs. This is evidenced by Xiaomi’s new patent, which he referred to Letsgodigital server. From a practical point of view, the display transparency solution has been mentioned here. When the front camera is activated, the small portion of the screen on top of the lens is deactivated.

This may be a necessary solution. However, Xiaomi itself took the camera very unusual. In fact, there won’t be a separate front camera in the phone. One main camera lens / sensor will be used for the selfie, which will flip forward inside the unit as needed.

It is difficult to judge why Xiaomi resorted to such a complex solution. The mechanical component is always risky and may be much cheaper than another camera. However, this is of course not mentioned in the description of the patent. It is possible that such a solution will not apply, and if it is, then we will gladly test it.