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Yan Jin: Will the European Union help the British government out of the slums during the holidays?

Yan Jin: Will the European Union help the British government out of the slums during the holidays?

The boom has now been carried to several cities in northern England via the return of British Indians and the government delay of two weeks in banning access and placing India on the “red list”. It is alleged that it was due to the then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s planned trip to India and the signing of a trade agreement.

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The welcome voter release process appears to be stuck – this underestimates the prime minister’s popularity gained from the vaccination successes. In addition, parliamentary testimony is likely to be politically fatal to Chief Executive Dominic Cummings next Wednesday over Johnson’s “deliberate” delay in declaring a state of emergency just around the corner.

With 3,000 new people infected, the government was afraid that releasing holiday travel to so-called “green” countries might be premature, not to mention “orange”, which includes most of Europe and where travel is only allowed exceptionally for family or work reasons.

Holidays among penguins?

As for the “green” areas, they are sporadic, and due to the often closed borders, only Portugal and Israel remain. In addition to – and Transport Secretary Grant Shaps appears to have mocked his fellow citizens – many of the British overseas territories. The list also includes South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, where it’s no wonder there are no airlines, no hotels. Even, except for the occasional group of scientists, there is no animal, just snow, ice, and penguins.

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So where the British can go on vacation now, there is a rift among the ministers. According to Deputy Health Minister Lord Bethel, “Traveling is a dangerous thing and he should not be going anywhere at all this year.” However, his secretary Matt Hancock and the prime minister claim that the Orange countries are out of the game, but a visit is possible. So, isn’t that forbidden? Not entirely, because “the British have a developed sense of what is right, and we don’t want to tell them what to do,” but this is not recommended.

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Unified travel

Johnson did not forgive himself on Wednesday after interrogations and asked Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer to cancel the traffic light, “but they can be fined up to ten thousand pounds.” Even John Redwood, one of the most prominent supporters of Brexit, accused the union of luring the British into the affected countries where people are dying, but he prefers to spend his holidays in Britain.

However, the British, who had been vaccinated and tested, began to go on a mass vacation last week, for example, to the Spanish Canary Islands and the Greek Islands, after these “orange” countries decided to accept British vacationers.

Jan Jane

But the union could help the British out of this mess. It could put Britain on the alleged white list of “safe countries”, which will be published soon. This will not only embarrass the British government – which has no clear idea that the disease has also drastically subsided in many of the Union’s countries – but also, with a dose of irony, it forces a reasonable, reciprocal standardization of positions across Europe.

The author is a commentator on Czech radio