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Yasmine Abdelaziz attacks her brother: “You sold me a Mercedes car.”

A state of ambiguity surrounds the Egyptian actress, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, whether about her health or her relationship with her husband or brother. For the first time, she responds to her brother Wael Abdel Aziz, when he tried to support her in her health crisis, saying, “Attox, you sold your sister with a Mercedes.”

Yasmine’s response came after her brother sent a message of support to her, after she suffered a sudden health crisis and traveled for treatment in Switzerland through his official account on “Facebook”, and he commented on a picture that he collected with his sister: “Oh, my daughter, you are like us, we are after our Lord, and your fatigue is our fatigue and your joy is our joy and we are with you and see you for a day.” Debt.

Comments continued on Wael Abdel Aziz’s post, where the followers wished that things would be resolved between him and his sister, who always ignored the response to him after the great crisis between them, which resulted in a complete boycott on her part.

harsh response

But one of the followers commented on a photo of Yasmine Abdelaziz’s response to Wael via “Story” on Instagram, which prompted the latter to completely delete his post from his Facebook page.

After that, Yasmine deleted this reply from the Instagram feature, minutes after it was posted.

Jasmine replied to her brother

Breakup news

It is reported that during the past hours, there was a lot of news about the separation of the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, and her husband, the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, which prompted her brother to comment on the crisis by supporting her with words that express his satisfaction with the end of her relationship with her husband.

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Yasmine Abdel Aziz had gone through a health crisis a few days ago, and subsequently entered the hospital to receive the necessary treatment, without any support or assistance from her husband, Ahmed Al-Awadi.

After her release from the hospital, she deleted Ahmed Al-Awadi’s follow-up from her Instagram account, while she kept the photos and videos that she had collected together. On the other hand, Al-Awadi did not take any action and did not comment on these rumors so far.