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Yasmine Abdelaziz's health condition.. Public talk - our lives - destinations

Yasmine Abdelaziz’s health condition.. Public talk – our lives – destinations

The health condition of the star, Yasmine Abdelaziz, topped the public’s concerns again, becoming the talk of social networking sites after she traveled to Switzerland to treat her ill health and complications of the medical error she was exposed to in the middle of last month in an Egyptian hospital, which led to the deterioration of her condition after she underwent surgery.

Sources close to Yasmine Abdelaziz confirmed that she left Cairo International Airport, the day before yesterday, heading for an equipped ambulance to Geneva, Switzerland, to complete her treatment in a major hospital.

Yasmine spent about two weeks in intensive health care in an Egyptian hospital, and her health improved after leaving the intensive care unit, in which she had to stay for several hours, and fell into a coma due to the repercussions of the surgery.

A source close to Yasmine said that she was released from the private hospital in which she was booked due to complications from her recent health condition for more than two weeks.

Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s husband, the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, did not travel with her on her medical journey and did not announce the reason, and some said that he would join her once the travel papers were not ready.

Al-Awadi commented after Yasmine traveled on his Facebook page with a post that had nothing to do with the topic, but rather with Messi’s departure from Barcelona, ​​​​which surprised some, as he had demanded to obtain information from him only about his wife’s condition so that false information that affects Yasmine, her family and her fans is not tampered with. .

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It is not yet known when Yasmine will return from Geneva, accompanied on her trip by some of her family members.

It is noteworthy that Yasmine Abdelaziz’s health condition revealed a sudden deterioration in the middle of last month, specifically on July 17, and her husband Ahmed Al-Awadi then published a post on his official pages on social networking sites asking the public to pray for his wife, explaining that she was in the operating room performing an undisclosed surgery at the time. .

Al-Awadi wrote, on his official page on Facebook: “Please pray in the unseen for my wife and my beloved Yasmine.. She is in operations and needs your prayers.. O God, you are the healer and the healthy with your ability to do everything.. O Allah, lift the affliction and the epidemic from her and heal her and restore her.”

• Yasmine suffered complications from a medical error she was exposed to last month during a surgery.

• The Egyptian star spent about two weeks in intensive care in a hospital.

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