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Yasmine Ezz on the public’s criticism of Sherine’s dance with the Baron Palace groom: The Enemies of Life Party | news

The media, Yasmine Ezz, criticized the audience’s attack on the dance of singer Sherine Abdel Wahab with the groom of the Baron Palace, which sparked widespread controversy on social media platforms yesterday evening.

Yasmine Ezz said during her program “The People’s Words” broadcast on MBC Egypt, “The party of the enemies of life and the group of those who don’t like it, left the positive energy in the video and left the groom.”

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And she continued, “You want the man to be happy and happy that his favorite star sings, we want him to do what and the bride is happy.”


And she added, “There are people who said that the groom is Sherine’s nephew, and people said that Sherine is pregnant.”

And she concluded her speech by saying, “Of course, there are people together and she loves the joy of people and they write nice comments.”

It is reported that the audience circulated a video of Sherine Abdel Wahab dancing with the groom of the Baron Palace during her revival of the wedding, and opinions varied about the video, some praised the video, while others attacked the groom because of his dancing with Sherine.

Some also questioned the fact that Sherine Abdel Wahab was pregnant, as she appeared in the video with excess weight

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