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Yasmine Sabry in her latest appearance with a new look and excessive thinness

Yasmine Sabry in her latest appearance with a new look and excessive thinness

Posted by the artist Yasmine Sabry Several photos of her, through her accounts on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), where she appeared from inside the “gym”, while practicing her daily exercise, and commented: “Good morning”, to the audience’s comments that came as follows: “Salvation is forbidden enough.” And “The sweetest person who becomes upon us in the whole planet”, “Sweet, seriously, Sabaho, Fil”, “Morning roses under the shade of Jasmine”, and “You are so low, how is that?”

It is reported that businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima sent a message to his ex-wife, Yasmine Sabry, in which he said: “All appreciation, respect and goat to Yasmine,” in the official announcement of his dialogue with the “Your Interaction” program on the “Al Arabiya” channel, which prompted a large number of fans of the star, Yasmine Sabry, to follow the part. The first of the dialogue, which was shown on Monday evening; Waiting for the first comment on the news of the separation.
On the other hand, Samar Abdel Aziz, the sister of director Sameh Abdel Aziz, confirmed the exclusion of the artist, Yasmine Sabry, from the series “Al Shader”, in which she was supposed to embody the character of a popular girl. She said: “Sameh Abdel Aziz has a specific vision in artworks that deal with popular personalities, and he needs certain specifications in choosing the actress who embodies the personality in any artwork.”

She added, “So his point of view was that the artist, Yasmine Sabry, might not be suitable for embodying the character of the popular girl.”
And the last work of the artist, Yasmine Sabry, was the series “Second Chance”, which was shown in the Ramadan 2020 drama, starring Ahmed Magdy, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi, Nihal Anbar, Edward, Aiten Amer, Ashraf Zaki, Mohamed Abu Daoud, Heba Magdy, Diab, and directed by Mark is just.

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