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Yellow..the color of optimism, joy and a bright summer look

Yellow..the color of optimism, joy and a bright summer look

Yellow is among the basic colors in the Spring-Summer 2022 collections. International fashion houses have been keen to present it in shades that varied between calm and bright, and with classic and innovative color combinations at times. Find out below the best ways to wear this color and coordinate it in a modern and elegant way to get a radiant summer look.

Yellow symbolizes optimism and joy, as it is the sun color par excellence. This makes it suitable for every woman who is looking for a radiant look. But to wear it according to the fashion lines of this spring and summer, it is recommended to pay attention to the following details:

Multiple color options:

Yellow has a bad reputation in the field of women’s fashion, as it is accused of lacking elegance, but in fact it is a color that suits all skin colors, provided it is chosen in a gradation that matches the skin tone.

Yellow is known for its various shades ranging from pastel yellow, soft yellow through lemon yellow, solar yellow, and saffron color to yellow-orange. As for determining the appropriate gradation of this color, it is related to the color of the skin and hair. It is noteworthy that all shades of yellow are suitable for women with brown skin and dark hair, while those with light skin and blond hair are worthy of yellow with saffron or gold.

Best ways to wear it:

Appearance experts recommend using yellow in the upper part of the look if you want to enhance the radiance of the look. In this case, it can be worn in the form of a shirt, a sweater, a jacket, or even a dress. When choosing it in the lower section of the look, it is recommended to adopt it in the form of a skirt or pants that can be coordinated with a shirt, a denim jacket, or a cashmere sweater.

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The adoption of yellow for the whole look remains a delicate step in the field of fashion that requires skill in choosing the appropriate gradation to obtain an elegant look. Yellow can also be adopted in the form of a large jacket or coat that can be coordinated with pieces of classic fashion in terms of cut and color.

Appearance experts recommend adopting yellow as a color for accessories to contribute to reviving the look. In this case, it can be chosen as the color of a scarf that adds a touch of radiance to the face, or a belt that adds some liveliness to classic pants, or even a bag that is coordinated with dark outfits.

Colors suitable for coordinating with yellow:

The first rule in this field is based on the need not to mix more than 3 colors with each other, and the preference remains for the autumn or spring gradients that are consistent with the brown, including: black, white, gray, brown, navy, and even dark red. What is also remarkable in this regard is the possibility of yellow harmonizing with floral and square prints that increase its vitality.

The bright character of the yellow color adds vitality to the entire look. When mixed with black, it creates a strong contrast, while mixing it with white and “camel” beige adds a touch of elegance to the look.

Avoid adopting yellow close to blond hair so that the complexion does not look pale. As for its orange hue, it suits all skin and hair colors, so do not hesitate to adopt it this summer.

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