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Yemen's vice president emphasizes the need to redouble pressure on peace-rejecting militants

Yemen’s vice president emphasizes the need to redouble pressure on peace-rejecting militants

The Vice President of the Republic of Yemen, Lieutenant General Ali Mohsin Saleh, rejected the peace and stressed the need for the international community to redouble its real pressure on militants who continue to rise to the ground and threaten water security and international navigation.

Legal concessions during various peace talks and the Gulf initiative and its administrative mechanism, the National Dialogue Conference and the UN.

During his meeting with the British Ambassador to Yemen, Richard Oppenheim, when appointed as the new Ambassador, Saleh drew attention to the British role in its efforts to support Yemen, to support the rule of law and to restore the state and to end the conspiracy. Iran-backed Houthi militants appreciate the strength of bilateral relations between the two countries.

During the meeting, the Vice President touched on Saudi Arabia’s efforts to finalize the implementation of the Riyadh Accord, and the government returned to perform its duties in the field and to serve the citizens.

For his part, the British ambassador confirmed his country’s continued efforts to bring peace to Yemen, noting the extent of bilateral relations between the two allies.

In another context, the United Nations confirmed the refusal of Houthi militants to begin a peaceful political process and set the conditions for acceptance of engaging in legitimate direct negotiations, warning of its consequences and its impact on the country’s crisis.

The United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Middle East Affairs, Mohammad Khalid Kiari, said there was no progress on the points raised by the United Nations to bring peace to Yemen, according to the Emirati news portal Al-Ain.

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The UN official added that the Houthis had imposed conditions on their participation in political activities, including the opening of ports and airports.

Kayari Marib and Shabwa called on the governorate to halt the Houthi expansion as the expansion closed lifetimes and aid delivery routes. Complicated by the absence of government.

UN The official spoke at a Security Council meeting about the economic situation in Yemen and the fall in the exchange rate of the riyal to more than 1,000 riyals per dollar and its impact on people’s lives.