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Yes, I have an American green card

Yes, I have an American green card

Elaf from London: The British Treasurer has admitted to holding a US green card while serving as Minister, while his wife has announced that the UK will pay taxes on global income.
He and his wife, Akshat Murthy, had US green cards – allowing them to live in the country – for more than a year at 11 Downing Street – Minister Rishi Sunak admitted based on an earlier Sky News report.

A Sunak spokesman confirmed the report, saying he received the green card when he served as minister until he became president in February 2020, until October.
Green card holders must pay US taxes on their global income and ensure that the United States is always their home. “Rishi Sunak got his green card while living and working in the US,” a spokesman said.


And “Under U.S. law, you will not be considered a resident of the United States because you hold a green card. Also, from a U.S. immigration standpoint, permanent citizenship status is considered to be automatically revoked after a long period of time.
At the same time, the person must file a U.S. tax return. The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer followed all the instructions and continued to file US tax returns, but especially as a non-citizen, fully complying with the law.

According to US law and advice, he continues to use his green card for travel purposes. During his first visit to the United States in his governmental capacity as Secretary of the Treasury, he discussed appropriate action with US officials. At that point, it is best to return the green card he made immediately.

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“All laws and regulations were followed and taxes were paid in full when applicable to his green card holders,” a spokesman said.
However, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security website states: “The holder of a green card is a permanent resident and is licensed to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis.”

Morty’s statement

Also, on Friday evening, the wife of Treasury Chancellor Akshana Murthy issued a statement saying she was now a UK taxpayer and did not want her tax status to be “distracting to my husband”.
He said: “Since coming to the UK, I have experienced an unimaginably high reception in both London and our home in North Yorkshire. This is a wonderful country.”
He added: “In recent days, people have been asking questions about my tax arrangements: frankly, I have paid my UK income and international tax on international income in this country.”

Morty continued: “This provision is completely legal and the number of non-residents in the UK is taxable. But it is clear that many do not agree with the role of my husband’s adviser. I understand the British sense of fairness. I do not want my tax situation to be detrimental to my husband or it to affect my family.”

I pay the bill

In the statement, the minister’s wife said: “Because of this, I will no longer claim on a taxable basis. This means that I will now pay UK tax on all global income, including dividends and capital gains. Revenue is generated in the world.” I do it because I want to, not because the rules ask me to. These new arrangements will take effect immediately and will apply to the tax year now over. “

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Minister Sunak’s housing arrangements have attracted attention this week as his millionaire wife, the daughter of an Indian billionaire, has been granted “non-resident” status, reducing her tax rates.

Critics say it has done little to address the cost-of-living crisis, and pressure is mounting on the Treasury secretary since his poor budget report last month – and opinion polls suggest his popularity is falling among voters.
It was later revealed that he had donated £ 100,000 to his old boarding school in Winchester, which focuses more on his personal fortune and his wife’s millionaire fortune.

Johnson defends

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has previously insisted that Rishi Sunak did “absolutely everything” after he allegedly received a US green card when he was treasury secretary. He did what he needed to do.
Johnson also denied that anyone on 10 Downing Street had commented against Sunak about his wife’s tax situation.

“If there are such explanations, they will not come from us at the government headquarters,” the Prime Minister said. “I think Rishi is doing a very impressive job.”
However, Labor leader Sir Keer Stormer said the president should be “honest” about his family’s tax matters after revealing that his non-resident wife’s tax deduction status “should come clean.”
“At the same time, the public has a right to know if the president’s family uses plans to reduce their family tax,” Stormer said.