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Yes to democracy, no to hate.. A Jewish statement denouncing insulting Islam

And the institutions added in a statement, titled “Yes to Democracy, No to Hate”:

  • Once again allowing racists and extremists to abuse democracy and freedom of expression.
  • Our tragic European history taught us that the burning of books often signaled the beginning of an entrenchment The hatred towards a class in society.
  • “Those who burn books will eventually burn people,” the German-Jewish author Heinrich Heine wrote in 1821.
  • In 1933, one of the first steps he took Nazis In their quest to exterminate Jewish culture, they burn books.
  • We are deeply concerned about the recent developments in our country. Attacks on minorities such as Jews and Muslims have increased and become normal in recent years.
  • in democratic societyEveryone has the right to feel safe and valued.
  • Every act and sign of prejudice and hate is unacceptable.

The incidents of burning the Qur’an in Denmark and Sweden sparked angry international and Arab reactions, and in the details of what happened:

  • Burning Danish Swedish extremist Rasmus PaludanA copy of The Holy Quran In front of a mosque in Copenhagen, under the protection of the police, for the second time in a week.
  • A few days earlier, Paludan burned a Koran in front of the Turkish embassy Stockholm In the presence of police officers, which necessitated a wave of widespread condemnation.
  • He was thus protesting against Turkey’s obstruction of accession Sweden Finland to NATO.
  • The extremist confirmed that he would continue his demonstrations “every week” until you agree Ankara Sweden’s accession to the alliance.