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Nakoupíte o víkendu i v noci. Ve Strakonicích mají první automatickou prodejnu u nás

You can buy on weekends and at night. They have the first Strakonice auto shop in our country


Photo: COOP (plus other photos in the article)

a description: They have already been opened in Strakonice, Cesky Krumlov is waiting …

The first automatic shop in the Czech Republic was opened on Podskalská Street in Strakonice. In normal working hours it works in classic mode with female salespersons and after closing as a self-service store using a special application linked to the identity of the bank. The second automatic store is supposed to open in June in Cesky Krumlov.

The Strakonice department store on Podskalská Street, located in the historic city center, is popular with locals as a place for quick and small shopping. For a change, it will be a larger store in Cesky Krumlov. Thus COOP wants to test the deployment of automated systems in different formats.

“We want these stores to be accessible to everyone. Of course, within standard business hours, the store will continue to operate, but outside this time it will already operate in automatic mode,” Lukáš Němčík, Director of Development and Marketing at COOP, commented at the opening of the store. The entire Strakonice store has undergone a complete rebuilding, and the range has been partially adapted to the new sales style, due to which the offer of fresh, refrigerated goods will be particularly enhanced.

store in Podskalská . Street

Inspiration from Scandinavia

COOP was inspired by its sister cooperatives in Scandinavia, where a similar type of store has been operating for many years. According to Němčík, customers are changing, so it’s time for stores to start adapting more to their needs. “We believe that the concept of automated stores has the greatest potential in small and medium-sized cities due to the changing structure of customers, most of whom require the most flexible services.

In addition, in these locations, for example, only large suburban stores, which are often accessible only by car, often open at the beginning of the evening or on weekends. For quick shopping, an automated store that is constantly open within walking distance is the ideal solution,” explains Němčík.

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alternative to delivery

According to the COOP management, automatic stores are also a good alternative to common deliveries, as they are also suitable for small purchases and are more flexible in time. “We also consider that our focus on regional food is important. For example, we sell bread from local bakeries or cold cuts from local butchers. It does not make sense that it is difficult to transport this type of goods across the country, as is the case with multinational chains,” Nameshik adds.

“This is another in a series of network innovations, which were the first in the Czech Republic to offer customers refrigerated food dispensers, and now they are significantly expanding the number of stores connected to the online store, and are also currently testing food delivery,” adds Nemczyk.

Self service cash register


According to Pavel Kosler, CEO of Knowinstore, the agency behind the tech solution for the entire concept, the massive start of digitization in business is only a matter of time. “Different concepts of unmanned stores are emerging all over the world, for example in countries like South Korea, these stores are already very popular. A great development can also be recorded in Scandinavia or Western Europe. We carefully follow current trends in retail and try to convey the best Examples from abroad to the Czech Republic. We actively connect two worlds – development companies and traditional retail networks. In this case, we have deployed our own innovative solution, which is not only efficient, but also affordable. That is why it can be well used even in Czech conditions,” introduces Strakonice model Pavel Kozler.

The basis of the opportunity to shop in an automated store is the banking identity that every person who uses electronic banking services has today. “Bank identity, our digital citizen, which is used to verify digital identity, has been with us for more than a year. It is already certain that thanks to him we can do more things online and save us time and worries, for example with a lot of passwords. I am glad that The possibilities of using a bank identity are expanding. Thanks to him, people can check documents, settle taxes, sign up for online services for private businesses, create an account or use a digital signature. And now also to shop after store closing time, which is clearly an innovation that we will all appreciate,” Says Michaela Lhotková, ČSOB Board Member.

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How it works

Customers must also download a special application for purchase, which, after first logging in via bank identity, will generate a unique QR code for each visit to the store, enabling them to enter the store. “Each visitor to the store will be uniquely recognized thanks to this system, so it is not a problem, for example, if they buy more than one customer at one time. The customer will not be able to leave the store with the purchase until after the payment is verified,” adds Pavel Kozler of the website Knowinstore.

The payment itself is made by card through self-service cash registers, which are now standard in modern stores and customers have become accustomed to. The main project partner in this context is Mastercard. “We are a technology company and we constantly strive to make payments and the entire purchase and payment process as easy and fast as possible for customers, while providing the highest possible level of security. I am always happy to see how our vision for the future has become a reality today – not only in Prague, but also in the regions. Through our joint efforts we can breathe life into other ambitious projects in the future,” said Michel Arne, CEO of Mastercard for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, on joining the project.

how to shop

1. Download the Contio mobile app.

2. Register in the Contio app – the COOP Strakonice automatic store.

3. Use the QR code on your mobile phone to enter the store.

4. Take your cart and shop.

5. Scan the goods into the cash register.

6. Confirm the purchase and pay by credit card / mobile phone.

7. To leave the store, scan the QR code from the app again.

There is an interest in the grandmother

“In just the first three weeks of using the store, about a thousand customers tried outside normal business hours, that is, using a bank ID,” Lukáš Němčík of the COOP network, which operates the automated shop, told Denek.

“According to past experience, younger customers have immediately adopted the automatic sales system and are now buying more of it in the store as a whole. Towards some of the older customers, the store staff plays an important role, constantly teaching customers how to use new technology,” Němčík added to E15.

“The automatic operation of the shop starts in the afternoon, when the employees leave the store. People use it most often until midnight and then on holidays. The first data processed from the Strakonice store shows that the purchase volume is not significantly different in the normal and automatic operation, But people tend to indulge more in evening shopping and buy more sweets and other foods in addition to alcohol,” adds E15.

Sources: COOP, Diary, E15

Enter by: Andrea Morkosova