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‘You can jokingly post about whether we see you.’ British anti-intelligence MI5 now Instagram | The world

The British decided to pursue counter-intelligence times. The well-known secret service MI5 has set up an Instagram account in which it wants to share interesting facts from the lives of its agents and other employees. At the same time, he wants to expose objects from the past through a social network and dispel popular myths about his works.

The official Instagram account operates under the name mi5official. MI5 boss Ken McCullum also called on users of the popular social network to follow the new profile. “You can insert your own joke about whether we will follow you,” he impressed a potential follower in an interview. BBC.

In the official profile, MI5 wants to share interviews with intelligence officers and promote career opportunities. At the same time, he wants to uncover previously unpublished material from the history of the service or point out popular myths related to the secret service and remove them. For example, drinking martinis frequently.

According to McCullum, the services of the service he runs will be very open, and Instagram will also act as a platform so that MI5 can reach new people who can help with its tasks. “It would be dangerous vanity to think that MI5 can build all the capabilities it needs in its own bubble,” he told the BBC.

He said determining the contributions was a stumbling block and it was not that easy. “On the one hand, our ability to serve the public and keep the country safe depends on secret cooperation. Most of what we do should be invisible, but on the other hand, what we should not be. In fact,” opening “is the key to our future success,” McCullum acknowledged. Daily Telegraph. “But our operations will not turn into an open book,” he added, promising that MI5 will show what it is like to be an agent.

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MI5 (counter-intelligence) London headquarters of the British Secret Service.

Starting an Instagram account is common to many companies, but it’s very interesting for a news organization dedicated to secrecy. For example, in terms of functionality on MI5 social networks, it has been overtaken by GCHQ, the British government intelligence and spy agency with its Instagram since 2018. More than three million people follow the profile of the American CIA news agency on Twitter. MI6 boss Richard Moore presents himself on a very active Twitter account.

This may also be one of the reasons why MI5 Instagram was installed. In addition, its creation is part of McCullum’s strategy, which he presented as the new leader of MI5. He did so in March last year and is the youngest man to hold such a post. “If I want my role in this role to be characterized by one thing, it will be more open to the public and an attempt to address it in new ways,” he told the BBC.

The idea of ​​the content of the account has already begun to materialize. MI5 added the first photo on Instagram inside the organization’s headquarters in London’s Thames House. “The secret of successful espionage? Take a look at all the angles. You get a better view இது This is the view our staff sees as they enter the MI5 headquarters at Thames House in London. Behind these” pods “are the best secrets in the UK. We give you a unique look about. ” Instagram. Let’s start revealing the secret.