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Hubnout a žít zdravě můžete i s malým rozpočtem

You can lose weight and live healthy on a small budget –

Membership in fitness centers and adhering to all recent recommendations, including the menu, is not a cheap affair for many of us. We’ve got tips for you on how to not spend thousands of crowns per month while staying fit! You will definitely lose weight in swimwear!

A healthy lifestyle, good food, a balanced diet, fitness center visits, and various group classes can all affect your monthly budget. Thankfully, things work differently! If you have deep pockets, but still want to eat the latest trends and exercise, we have some tips for you to have.


Food can cost your wallet more than you think. So, plan a detailed menu for the entire week. After all, if you think about recipes and individual items on a shopping list, they’ll keep you from touching on crowded shelves and throwing whatever you think of in the basket. Don’t buy anything that won’t be on your list and never go to the store hungry.

Take advantage of seasonal shopping

If you want to cook delicious, healthy and inexpensive food, use seasonal foods! They are fresh, plus, shopping in high season is much cheaper than shopping outside.

Get a suitable season pass

Wandering around another fitness center and buying a one-time membership? Error! Choose the right member for you and get the most beneficial membership. Usually it is with the longest period of time. By just visiting one facility, you will create a great habit, and you can also meet new people. Inside the club, various discounts and other benefits definitely await.

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Doing sports outdoors

Don’t lock yourself in the gym and try jogging in nature instead of on a treadmill. It costs nothing and you provide the body with a lot of oxygen and vitamin D. Doesn’t she occupy the floor? Did not matter. You can do a lot of other things outside that don’t cost you anything. For example, cycling, walking, skiing or swimming. In the parks of major cities you will also find a number of free fitness machines!

Try different procedures

Several sports facilities also offer so-called tours “on trial”, Mostly for free. Search and search in your area. You can also participate in the various sporting events organized by the city. What is the best news in the end? Most health insurance companies offer compensation for the costs of sports. Find out what benefits you can take advantage of with your insurance company!