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You can organize wedding parties.. the possessions of the first space halls in the world

You can organize wedding parties.. the possessions of the first space halls in the world

Adventurous travelers can get a glimpse of what a flight from Earth to space would look like in the world’s first space lounges.

And a space company released images of the world’s first space lounges complete with reclining chairs, on-board dining and 360-degree views that will allow tourists to take the planet from new heights.

According to the website “The National”, the expeditions will be inside pressurized capsules propelled by a floating space balloon, and they will launch in 2024 and will transport tourists to the edge of the stratosphere.

Each Neptune space capsule can accommodate up to eight guests and one pilot on a cruise-like flight.

The lounge-style armchairs have deep reclining chairs set up to enjoy the views from the 1.5m-high panoramic windows, the largest ever moved from the edge of the floor.

Arch seating can be configured for group events or romantic dinner cruises for couples, and the setup means passengers have plenty of room to stretch their legs and stand comfortably during the six-hour flight.

Elegant purple and soft lighting in the satellite lounges create a relaxing atmosphere, aided by lavender, basil and rosemary plants dotted around the cabin.

Passengers can also customize the soundtrack that will be played in each capsule, allowing space tourists to roam with the sounds of their favorite artists, and travelers can also use individual interactive screens to learn more details about their stratospheric journey.

Interior surfaces in the cabin are darkened and textured to reduce reflection and glare in the windows, helping space explorers get perfect images for their trip. There’s also free Wi-Fi so guests can livestream their experience on social media.

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There’s also on-board dining, and travelers can customize the menu before their flights, and for anyone who might not be able to wait to get back down to earth to rest in the toilet, a stylish bathroom is installed in each capsule and comes with a huge window so you don’t miss out on the other views at any time. during your trip.