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You can see how the car engine works through the plastic tub

You can see how the car engine works through the plastic tub

The motor made of plexiglass will not work for a long time. But it will still serve a good cause and a clear purpose.

Changing the oil at regular intervals will keep the car and its engine in good condition for many years. But what does the oil look like when applied gradually and what exactly happens in the engine? Curious mechanics made a transparent valve cap and oil pan. They explained how the car engine works after starting. Russia is certainly a country of many possibilities, even if those possibilities are often very limited. Sometimes mechanics have strange ideas.

Plastic castings have been modified and installed in the lady

However, the ideas that are very useful as a result. What is the best way to show how important motor oil is? Experiment showing the interior of the unit in operation. The sink and valve cover were made by a mechanic from Plexiglas. This is of course Not a long-term solution, the parts will degrade quicklyDue to the high temperatures that the engine produces during operation. But for experimental purposes, it would be difficult to find a more suitable material.

And theImage source: Courtesy of Garage 54

Using a special machine, mechanics heated a sheet of vitreous glass, and then used the original parts as molds. Of course, a single copy was not perfect, castings had to be worked on and modified. No bathroom setup would be complete without the elbow cut-out edges from the original parts attached to the plastic piece. The valve cover did not have to undergo similarly demanding intervention, this part is subject to less pressure.

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The motor will not last long, because the display will serve great

Interestingly, the lid was held in place with glue. Conventional tension may damage the plexiglass. The engine has been doused in oil before starting, so you can see the oil flowing to the bottom of the oil sump. It was a guinea pig, as usual in Russia, Lada 2017. This was a convenient choice, the car has a structurally simple engine unit, it lasts a lot by itself, and the production of parts, even if they are made of plastic, is not at all a problem.

After starting, you can see how the engine copes with the distribution of oil. A large amount appears at the bottom of the sump, and soon the oil flows to the sides. By the way, the mechanic recorded unwanted iron filings in the oil. It is also clear from the video what happens when looking through the valve cover, and how Oil flows, flows and spills all over the engine. It can’t be driven, but as a visual demonstration of how an internal combustion engine works in terms of lubrication, there is probably no better tool.