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You don't have a boss, you don't have colleagues.  Rohlic entered into contracts with couriers outside the original company

You don’t have a boss, you don’t have colleagues. Rohlic entered into contracts with couriers outside the original company

The change was only visible from documents in the commercial registry. Last May, some parts of Velká pecka, which operates the online grocery store Rohlík, were separated and transferred to three companies. The investments of the investors behind the entire business group were transferred to the Rohlik Group, the management and IT facilities to Rohlik Skills and Logistics to Autoexpert. Bought by Rolick in 2020, it recently specialized in selling and leasing LNG-powered cars.

According to the document, the reason for the organizational change was a new investment in the company. The document states in the introduction to the Commercial Registry that “the objective of the department is to restructure the Rolick Group mainly due to the entry of new investors and the continuous expansion into foreign markets.”

Before the structure changes to Rohlík According to server Seznam Zprávy, a number of new investors have entered From J&T funds through billionaire Oldřich Šlemr to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Among other things, 100% of Kifli, Gurkerl and Knusper, Rohlík’s subsidiaries in Hungary, Austria and Germany, were transferred to the Rohlík Group. Rohlick’s spokeswoman, Denisa Morgenstein, did not wish to comment on the reasons for these steps or specifically on the implementation of contracts with couriers.

“The entry of investors into the company may be associated with the requirements for a new capital structure on the part of the original shareholders as well as on the part of the new shareholders. The original issuance may insist on maintaining the debt-to-equity ratio,” Radim Donal, an analyst at Capitalinked, explained to Deník N. Possible reasons for the change . “They would have exchanged initially that the new shareholders could not reduce their shares below any level. New investors might have similar requirements. It is also possible – but in theory – for the newly established company to have a different business model or to operate in a different region,” he added. “.

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According to the expert in commercial and labor law, attorney Tomáš Procházka, the reasons for this offer may be different. For example, more favorable taxes or different corporate cultures in individual departments. “Of course, protecting the main assets of a business group can also be a legitimate goal, as one company owns the main assets and another company carries out potentially risky activities. And if the company has problems with risky activities, only its assets are the ones that, lawyer Procházka adds. Primarily exposed, not the assets of other companies.

The couriers themselves, who went to Rohlík with a trade license, did not notice any changes in their work performance. “At the time, we just rewrote the header of the bill, for us, basically nothing had changed. But there were rumors that it was because of the Schwartz system. They didn’t want to risk it anymore and get it

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