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You have a groom, and you don't know how to make a final decision?.. Know the opinion of psychology...Egypt

You have a groom, and you don’t know how to make a final decision?.. Know the opinion of psychology…Egypt

Press B – Egypt is an advanced witness for you, a groom, and you do not know how to make a final decision?… Know the opinion of psychology and now watch the details.

One of the girls may feel confused and unable to make the right decision to continue the engagement or separation from the fiancé or even if a groom proposes to her. Out of this confusion and anxiety, we spoke with Dr. Ali Al-Qatt, a consultant psychiatrist, who, during his conversation with “The Seventh Day”, referred to some solutions that must be followed to get rid of this confusion.

girl feeling confused

Know what you want?

A consultant psychiatrist said: “There are basic, secondary and biological needs in our lives. If a person feels hungry, he immediately goes to eat the food in front of him, and does not think much about it, and the stronger the motive, the stronger the need is met, but the matter is different when choosing a life partner, if The girl felt bewildered and could not choose the right decision, she was internally not convinced of the young man, because if she was completely convinced of him, she would not be too confused or hesitate to make the right decision, like a woman who is looking for certain specifications for the dress that if she finds the dress of her dreams she buys it immediately On the contrary, if you find a dress that does not match the specifications you are looking for, then it becomes confused and cannot make the right decision.

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Engagement ring

He continued: “The girl must understand her needs well, such as basic needs such as food and drink, followed by the need to feel safe, faithful, mutual love, and self-esteem, where the girl feels that this relationship achieves this for her and helps her move forward in her life, and if the girl feels that she is missing the most important needs. Like love in her family, she searches abroad for love and enters the first relationship that makes her feel that and will not think about the availability of other needs and therefore feels unable to choose, so she has to think and make sure that the partner agrees with her in many qualities and that the relationship provides her with all the needs such as love safety, and so on to ensure the success of the relationship.


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Watching an applicant who is a groom and I don’t know how to make a decision

These were the details of an applicant for you, a groom, and you do not know how to make a final decision? .. Know the opinion of psychology. We hope that we have succeeded by giving you the full details and information.

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