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You hold it in your hands several times a day, it is often dirtier than the toilet |

You reach for it up to 3,000 times every day, often pressing it on your face: your smartphone. The study shows how many bacteria are lurking on its surface. Therefore, it is better to clean this device from time to time as it is one of the most used in daily life.

Hand at heart: How often do you clean your smartphone? Not only wiping the screen with a sleeve or pants to remove excess grease from the screen. We refer to proper cleaning with a suitable disinfectant that removes viruses and bacteria from the surface.

Sources of infection 245.9 per square centimeter

Insurance 2Co, a British company that specializes in insurance for electronic devices, recently researched comparing infected mobile phones to a toilet seat. He commented on his results on his blog entitled “Dirty Than a Toilet Seat? How to Get Rid of Bacteria from Your Smartphone” and learn that this is not a positive.

To explore, experts examined in detail three different models of mobile phones (iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel). The result will free you from all illusions.

Smartphone screens have accumulated an incredible 245.9 sources of infection per square centimeter. The average mobile phone has 84.9 of them, while the average toilet seat has only 24.

On the other hand, those who shielded keyboards and mice could rest: in these rounds, only five sources of infection per square centimeter were found in the study.

Frequent cleaning of smartphones


Coating the surface of the smartphone with disinfectant at least once a week is definitely a benefit. | Source: tirachardz / Freepik

On average, we take a smartphone 3000 times a day. At the same time, we spread countless bacteria and fungi on its surface, which is definitely not a pleasant idea. When a device is pressed against our face.

An additional survey by Insurance 2Co among thousands of UK citizens shows that one-third never clean their mobile phone. Only one in twenty users clean their phone every six months or less.

Bacteria and fungi are definitely part of everyday life and the environment can not always be kept sterile. Nevertheless, experts recommend disinfecting your mobile phone at least once a week – you too should clean the toilet regularly.


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