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إسلام إبراهيم في مسلسل العيلة دي

“You must lose weight”… Islam Ibrahim confronts a girl who made him angry by criticizing his weight | news

The artist, Islam Ibrahim, expressed his annoyance at the comment of one of his followers on social media, who asked him to start losing weight because of his role in the series “Al-Aila Di”.

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And Islam Ibrahim, through his Instagram account, published a picture of the comment that the follow-up wrote and said: “Islam must lose weight.”

He directed his message to the girl named Yasmine, explaining: “Thank you, Yasmine, for the advice, knowing that the advice in public is a scandal.”

And Islam Ibrahim added: “And, God willing, I will lose weight when I love it, because this is a personal need. Thank you, Yasmine.”

And he revealed his distress at the comment that the follow-up wrote on a post in which he celebrated his participation in the series “Al-Aila De”, and said: “People wrote a sweet post about my role in the series.

Islam Ibrahim embodies the personality of Hisham, the eldest son, in the series “Al-Aila Di”, which began showing this week on the DMC channel, and it was written by Amani Al-Tunisi, directed by Ahmed Khaled Amin and starring Wafaa Amer, Muhammad Tharwat, Ismail Farghali, Inaam Salousa, Youssef Othman, Reham Al-Shanwani. , Muhammad Abu Daoud, Diaa Al-Mirghani, Sahar Rami, Salwa Othman, Hana Yousry, Khaled Jawad, Heidi Refaat and Abdel Rahman Hassan.

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