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You should not add a single thing to meatballs under any circumstances.  People have no idea and make a huge mistake

You should not add a single thing to meatballs under any circumstances. People have no idea and make a huge mistake

Meatballs can be very tasty and filling. But a lot of things can go wrong with them, too. If you don’t know how to prepare them properly, you will end up with two medium mince patties. Conversely, there are also tricks for improving meatballs.

The choice of meat is important

When choosing meat, focus on type and quality. Thanks to the fat content, pork is more suitable for meatballs than beef, and you can also try a mixture of beef and pork. Beef is great, but in this case the resulting dish can be dry. This is why meat selection is so important.

The carrier of the flavor is the fat, in which case that is doubly true. You should prefer meat from a butcher who grinds it right in front of you, or you can grind it yourself at home. If you want to try something new, fish meatballs are also popular – for example, salmon or spearfish.

Don’t forget the onions

Meatballs simply cannot do without one ingredient. It is about onions. By adding finely chopped onions to the meat mixture, you will increase and improve its taste. Additionally, you can mix finely chopped pickled cucumbers, cauliflower, ground nuts or hot peppers to taste. You can also try grated carrots to get rid of bulges.

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How do we get fragility?

To make the meatballs crispy and at the same time perfectly cooked, do not forget to make a hole in them. This hole will disappear during frying, but you will continue to cook it faster and better than without it.

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Potatoes instead of eggs

You don’t even need eggs for fancy meatballs. Everything comes together beautifully when you replace it with potatoes. The meat will be juicier and the meatballs will generally be lighter. If the meatballs break, you can bake them in the oven. You save fat and, as a bonus, time spent on the stove. Prepared pies are laid out on a baking sheet and baked at 200 degrees until golden. Then you can indulge in it without regret.

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