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مكونات الخبز وصناعة الحلوى

You will be surprised.. 8 hidden baking talents that no one will tell you

Follow-up – Ali Mualla:

Bread is one of the staple foods in any home, without which most daily meals would be incomplete, and besides its health benefits, it has many non-traditional uses.

Since baking has many lesser-known household uses, we will review them in this article:

1. Resist the smell of onions.

Starting today, you won’t be shedding tears when chopping onions. Put a piece of bread between your teeth and hold it to your lips while chopping the onion, it will absorb its aroma.

2. Remove the smell of boiled food.

When cooking cabbage or pungent-smelling vegetables, place a slice of bread in the pot to cover the cooked vegetables to fully absorb their aroma.

3. Collect broken glass.

Use a slice of bread to easily pick up broken glass on the floor without cutting your hands.

4. Absorb the moisture into the jar.

Place a small piece of bread in the bowl of tea, sugar, or spices and seal it tightly to absorb excess moisture inside and keep the contents from clumping.

5. Absorption of fat.

Put a piece of bread or two on the drip tray inside the grill, this trick will help you absorb the fat and the smell of grilling.

6. Take care of leather shoes.

Rub a piece of soft bread on leather shoes, furniture, or clothing to clean and heal any blemishes.

7. Mix the rice.

If you find that the rice is kneading after cooking, put a piece of bread on it and cover the pot as it absorbs the excess water inside. You can also use this trick to absorb evil spirits in rice or other foods.

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8. Cleaning the coffee grinder.

Put some small slices of bread in the grinder and turn it on, and you’ll notice that the bread picks up tiny coffee particles in the hidden nooks and crannies of the grinder.