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You will not believe: The identity of the beautiful woman was revealed.. whom Gamal Abdel Nasser loved to the point of madness.. but she rejected him when he presented her and walked at her funeral without guard!!

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Even if the man assumed the head of the ruling authority and became the president of the republic, the emotional side still beats amid the momentum of political life.

This is what happened with the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, who loved a girl all his life, but could not marry her, given the family traditions at the time.

81 years ago, President Abdel Nasser confessed for the first time about his love story, which died only 4 months after she was gone.

The girl did not know Abdel Nasser’s love for her and he kept hiding his love from her and from everyone, until he recorded the story of Haba in a letter and sent it to childhood friend Hassan Al-Nashrati, in which he said, “He moved to Al-Zahir neighborhood,

As he was walking, he found her, and at first sight he loved her, and found himself humming the song of Mohamed Abdel Wahhab “Jifnh Alam Al Ghazal”.

Despite Nasser’s confession to a friend, he did not declare this love directly and kept looking for her home in the Al-Zaher neighborhood, until he found it on Gulf Street in front of Victoria Cinema.

Although Abdel Nasser at the time was not responsible for his actions and movements, he only loved the looks, he did not try to follow them or contradict them so as not to fall into what is said about him.

“Young people’s mess.”

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According to the writer Adel Hammouda in his book “The Governments of the Bedrooms”, Nasser was not much older than her, and he was 22 years old at the time, while she was no more than 17,

She studies at the School of Arts in Shubra, and she has two older sisters who cannot be married before them, according to the prevailing traditions, and this was the reason for Gamal Abdel Nasser’s refusal when he proposed to marry her.

The shock that befell Nasser after his refusal made his heart sad and debilitated. He did not think of engagement or love after that, so that those around him tried to search for him for a bride, but he did not care about their offers.

On the morning of May 17, 1970, the funeral of the girl whom Nasser loved but did not marry, took place. She had married a teacher and had two sons, one of whom was studying at the Faculty of Commerce at the time.

The other was in high school. Gamal Abdel Nasser read the obituary in Al-Ahram newspaper, so he put on a sample of black freshness and drove his car by himself and moved behind the funeral without guards and without anyone feeling it.

At the age of 24, Abdel Nasser fell in love with Tahia Kazem when he visited his friend Abdel Hamid in his house, and a young girl entered him.

To offer him hospitality and give him a cup of tea, and indeed he fell in love with her, and decided to confess to her father his love for her, and asked to marry her to agree to the other without hesitation, and they married in 1944.

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