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You won't find crazier Fiat Panda!  He has technique from a special rally

You won’t find crazier Fiat Panda! He has technique from a special rally

The Fiat Panda is powered by a 16-liter supercharged engine with 300 horsepower. Behind this crazy project is M Sport, famous for years as the creator of Fords for the World Rally Championship.

British company M-Sport is best known as the creator of the Fords for the World Rally Championship. However, in the past, it also took care of a Bentley circuit or built a special version of the Ford Transit. He now has a new division for M-Sport Special Vehicles that makes custom cars. You are now submitting your first job.

This is the Fiat Panda in the attached photos, which at first glance is completely different from the original, that is, an affordable hatchback from the 80s. It was created to order an unnamed customer who wanted a car capable of participating in road and gravel rallies.

At the same time, the experience of the M-Sport has proven that these modifications are not only eye-catching, but truly functional. Although the body of the first generation Fiat Panda has truly become a special foundation called Pandamonium, we find completely redesigned technology in the gut.

The new chassis used components from the first generation of the Ford Fiesta R5 Special Rally. This is the most successful special of the company, in which 294 pieces were created. For this reason, the Panda’s body had to be extended by 360 mm, which was also to aid in the driving characteristics. M-Sport used special fender extensions for this mod, which are supposed to evoke the former racing disciplines of the famous Group B.

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The drivetrain was also used from the Fiesta R5. Specifically, driving is taken care of by a 1.6 EcoBoost four-cylinder supercharged petrol engine tuned to around 221 kW (300 hp) and 450 Nm. The engine is mated to a Sadev five-speed sequential transmission, which sends its power to all four wheels.

This interior is reminiscent of the original panda in terms of the dashboard. However, due to targeting, there are also seats with six-point belts or an FIA-approved safety cage. Then the rear seats were replaced with space for the spare wheels.

“I’m amazed at what we’ve been able to achieve. I was fortunate enough to finish testing the car and testing its capabilities; it’s not only great looking, it’s a great drive,” says Malcolm Wilson, president of M-Sport, of the news.

The head of M-Sport acknowledges that the Panda is the company’s first such project, but it certainly isn’t the last. According to him, this is the first work in a new era of the company’s micro-enterprises. However, he did not mention the cost of this car. However, it is emphasized once again that there is interest in private cars and you can have anything built, if you have enough money for it.