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You'll find this in cell phones and computers next year.  Arm showed more powerful processors and graphics - Živě.cz

You’ll find this in cell phones and computers next year. Arm showed more powerful processors and graphics – Živě.cz

Six weeks after launch New architecture v9 Arm also introduced the first processor cores built on it. Then it will add four new generation graphics chips. Either way, the performance and efficiency increase. We’ll see them in the first products next year.


The most powerful processor in the new Arm family will be the Cortex-X2. for him Predecessor x1 It plays the role of the top core in Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100. In the new, Arm believes in the rapid adoption of both the best cell phones and laptops. X2 promises better branching prediction, has 30% larger buffer and one cycle shorter pipeline.

According to Arm, its correct power should be increased Compared to X1 by up to 16%The performance will be in machine learning Double. Armv9 also brings vector modules to aid in artificial intelligence and scientific computations, in case the X2 SVE2 is in 128-bit width. SVE means more silicon, but Arm saved it by removing 32-bit instruction support from the kernel, so it’s a whole 64-bit processor.

New cell phones with Cortex-X2 cores offer up to 30% higher than existing ones (Source: Arm)

Cortex-X2 will be used most often in cell phones In a single-core variant, But the cutting-edge chips could also offer four cores along with the new Cortexy-A710, which will be discussed in the next chapter. They will then be able to target laptops as well Eight core processors It consists of only one set of X2 cores. Single-threaded power for the X2 according to Arm Up to 40% higher than Intel i5-1135G7.

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How does IPC compare to other barks? As a basis, let’s take the two-year-old model A77, which we still find in many cell phones today. Cortex-A78 performance increased by 7%. Cortex-X1 is 20% more powerful than the A78. Then Cortex-X2 mentioned 16% before X1.