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Young musicians inspire readers through operatic space

Young musicians inspire readers through operatic space

Nouf Al Mousa (Dubai)

The intrinsic value of the public library in any society is its ability to offer its visitors a captivating space of the wonderful ability to express themselves, which is in fact what books do. The private, which by its nature builds our relationship with ourselves and others, and from it specifically the language of communication begins through our use of creative forms in their diversity to deliver our unique voices, and thus the library achieves its goal in being a living theater pulsating with endless possibilities for human creativity, all of which are cultural visions culminated by the Mohammed bin Rashid Library, the day before yesterday As part of the visitors’ talents event, it offered a general invitation to people to come carrying their music, dreams and stringed instruments, with the exception of the piano, which was sitting in the library lobby, waiting for rows of musicians, including the young musician Qais Hussein Al-Amir, who confidently placed his fingers on the keys of an instrument. The piano, presenting music that he composed himself, told Al-Ittihad that he needed to play it in the midst of the audience, as live playing is able to convey the feeling, adding: “It is a different feeling, you need, from time to time, a When you hear live music in a public place, the feeling of music here is not the same as feeling it when you hear it on the phone or in the car. And I reach it for a broader horizon and for greater listeners, and the library of Mohammed bin Rashid gave me this opportunity, which I think is important, especially playing the piano, because you usually cannot carry it with you, so you have to go to it, and its presence in public places in hotels, libraries and airports, makes me involuntary I go sit near her and play.”

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Violin melodies
People used to be completely quiet in the library, whispering in their side conversations, to avoid disturbing and allow others to read and write, and to rethink general knowledge, but the musical moment when Muhammad Qablawi, a violinist, played in the middle of the inner and outer courtyard of the library, made the audience feel for a moment that silence calls for Often a rhythm that can enrich their cognitive memory of the place, Muhammad Qablawi explains by saying that the “violin”, a multi-potential instrument, can be annoying if the player does not understand the place in which he is playing. Between a group of books, and overlapping each other without overpowering their voice, but rather just passing, as it is crossing forgotten rivers, leaving its shadows and traces for researchers, connoisseurs and lovers. Intermittent and continuous periods, he was able to play professionally in public places, which he believes are strongly held in most festivals and events in the UAE.

Musical spaces
The natural lighting, and the echo of the public space in the open lobby of the Mohammed bin Rashid Library, contributed to the musician and musician Madin Hamza feeling the prestige of the library’s cultural status, as he put it, indicating that he wanted to surprise the audience with a song they loved and waited for, accompanied by the guitar, and achieve what he sees as similar to the influence and role of books. In achieving communication with people, making them closer and a desire to discover each other, adding that it is not the first time that he performs a concert and music in Dubai. Talents and orchestras, who made the office space a mini opera for their musical creations, in which the participation of children was widely welcomed by the presence of parents, among them the father of the musician Ridhan Mahant, who felt the importance of his son moving from the daily lessons spaces in the conservatories to the atmosphere of public and private spaces The library of Mohammed bin Rashid, which can make him more confident in his talent and development.

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