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Youngtimer Renault 15 TL . test

Youngtimer Renault 15 TL . test

Thanks to the cheerful green coupe Strnadice Automobile Museum. If you’ve been there, you know that they mainly specialize in Eastern Bloc cars, but they also have some Western parts that were available at Mototechna or Tuzex. The Renault 15 was introduced by Tuzex in 1974 (after three years of performance in Paris and two years after the presentation at the engineering fair in Brno), so Czechoslovak drivers had a Western coupe alternative to the domestic car Skoda 110 SR. In the West, Renault hopes to counter it Ford Capri And the manta plump.

You can tell the difference between fifteen and seventeen at first glance. The Model 15 has large rear side windows and large square headlights, making it look more elegant than the Sport Seventeen. However, the beautiful green coupe has a frameless door, a large amount of chrome and a bulge on the hood.

Photo: Renault

At first glance, the difference between the green Renault 15 and the yellow 17 is obvious

The cabin is very spacious and pleasantly thought out, practitioners will enjoy adequate luggage space. The hood is large and so is the door, so there is really good access to all parts of the car. There’s even a surprising amount of space in the rear seats, even if you have 190cm. This doesn’t happen often with the coupe. After all, it is better to be in front of you on a soft and comfortable chair.

I worked the interior

The driver has alarms in front of him in separate shields resembling covers for traffic lights. The steering wheel is only two levers, but it is quite large, so it is easy to turn the car over. In addition, the levers are made of metal and imitate eyelets. The wreath is delicate, but it bears comfortably. A little overdone in terms of ergonomics is the placement of the handle on the bottom edge of the door. At the top there is a window handle, so they start opening the window whenever you want to get out of the car. But I think I’ll get used to it after a while.

Photo: Mika

I loved the cabin, I probably wouldn’t have to just have hair covers in the car

To save money, Renault used technology from the Renault 12. In practice, this meant a carburetor of thirteen engines with 60 horsepower. It’s not much, but the Renault is light. It is a pity that the engine is almost in front of the front axle, which affects the driving characteristics and helps reduce steering. You can also deal with it since there is not much willpower in the actions. However, it’s not exactly the cornering game you’d expect from a coupe. Renault 15 is rather a comfortable and swinging companion for a pleasant trip, you do not want to bother with tires and break speed records, while being proportional to a consumption of up to nine liters. At a hundred, the fifteen accelerates in 13.6 seconds and reaches a speed of 151 km / h.

In this case, sports are just advertising

I would have thought a lot harder if Renault talked so hard about the sports coupe. At fifteen it’s too easy for my taste and doesn’t really communicate with the driver at all. You guess where the front wheels are going. The brakes could have been stronger, but in the end I rely on them and still try to ride faster. It’s definitely not the best driving experience of my life, but it’s definitely better than the “erko” Renault. This is not difficult, but I would really like to buy a Renault for sightseeing trips only. The lever in the gearbox is much stiffer and more precise than we expected on an old Renault. In particular, the opposite puts up quite a resistance, but this form is said to have been a tradition.

Renault 15 is the successor to the beautiful Caravelle models, although a few years pass between the end of its production and the beginning of the fifteen, so it is more of an indirect successor. Plus it’s a really nice car, and it’s a perfect candidate for summer excursions. Renault produced 730 thousand cars during the years of production, but these models are not often available for sale and, if so, at prices in the range from 70 to 170 thousand crowns. Prefer to have the successor Fuego.

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