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Your safety, my love.. the most faithful of people

Your safety, my love.. the most faithful of people

After circulating news of his deteriorating health, the Egyptian artist, Sherihan, published an old photo that she collected with her colleague Artist Hisham Selim Via her official Twitter account.

The artist attached the photo with a comment in which she wrote: “Your safety, my love. Your safety, the most sincere people and human beings, my friend, my good, beautiful days.”

This tweet received a great reaction on the social networking site, amid people’s calls and wishes for the artist’s health and speedy recovery.

“I’m fine… and in Ain Sukhna”

This came after many news spread about his cancer, which worried his fans and followers in Egypt and the Arab world.

The artist, Hisham Selim, broke his silence to deny this, stressing in an audio recording of the “ET Bil Arabi” program that his health is good and he is enjoying a vacation with his family, and added: “I am, thank God, well, and I am in Ain Sukhna.”

He also added, “The cancer that you say is better prepared for me now than Covid, and the needs that waste human beings in 3 days, all that our Lord answers is good and I am fine until now, thank God, and I am in Sokhna.”

It is noteworthy that the pioneers of social networking sites circulated a news published during the past hours, about the Egyptian actor’s infection with a malignant disease, his arrival at a late stage of the disease and the cessation of treatment permanently.

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The two stars have a close friendship and work relationship that has been going on for many years, and they also met many works of art, including the play (Mohamed Ali Street) and the films (Meet Fall), (Crystal) and others.