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Yousra attacks the director of the El Gouna Film Festival

photo from instagram

The Egyptian actress, Yousra, attacked Inshal Al-Tamimi, director of the El Gouna Film Festival, on her social media accounts, for not being honored in the fifth edition of the festival.

She wrote: “With regard to your dialogue published on Sunday, October 3, and within the context of the honors of the El Gouna Festival this year, specifically in your reference to the El Gouna Festival’s inability to celebrate me, and it is the same content as the media file issued by the El Gouna Festival.”

She added: “I would like to clarify some points: It is normal for festivals to indicate their plan to honor the artists they would like to honor, and to clarify the reasons for their choices of honorable personalities, but what I find strange, and has not happened before in any international or local festival, is the reference to people whom the festival will not be able to honor.

From his side, Entisal Al-Tamimi, director of the El Gouna Film Festival, stated that he refuses to comment or respond to the statements of the great actress, telling “Al-Ahram Gate”: “I refuse to put my name in a completely wrong and unnecessary context, which led to this unacceptable and unacceptable contradiction.”

Although the festival administration did not respond to Yousra with an official statement, the artist, Bushra, as the director of operations of the El Gouna Film Festival, wrote on her account on the social networking site “Instagram”, saying: “If they chose me between the festivals of the whole world and Yousra, I would choose Yousra … I love you.” O ambassador of Arab art.

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Source: RT