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Yousra: I interfere in the script and choose the actors with my experience

Yousra: I interfere in the script and choose the actors with my experience

Cairo: Ahmed El Roby

This year, the great star Yousra decided to present the series “Happy Dreams”, which is based on the women’s championship, in addition to its affiliation with comedy, which is what she preferred to run in the Ramadan race.

During the following dialogue, Yousra talks about her role in the series, what attracted her to the role, how was her cooperation with Hala Khalil, how was the cooperation with director Amr Arafa, does Yousra sometimes interfere in the script, and how do you see the competition this year? And more other details.

* What drew you to present the character “Diddy Hanim” in the series “Sweet Dreams”?

– A new character and different from what I presented in the past, but I like to let the audience talk about the character, and their interaction with it, but all I can say is that I was hoping to do a comedy this year. I was very happy to cooperate for the first time with author Hala Khalil by presenting her with a comic script for the first time, and I am very happy with this experience, especially for the presence of comedy stars with me.

* You always help all the stars of the work that they participate in.. How were the scenes behind this work?

– The truth is that I was very happy with this work, and with all the stars who participated in it, as they were different scenes, and they are all comedians in front of the camera, and in the utmost kindness and simplicity behind the camera, and I was very grateful to them for their support of the comedy inside the work.

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* Did the script take advantage of the idea of ​​female artists as a female heroine at work to build comedy?

– Of course, the series “Happy Dreams” is a female work, as the main roles depend on women, due to the presence of a large group of distinguished artists, along with a strong group in the world of comedy.

* Amr Arafa is one of the directors who always presents comedy.. How was your cooperation?

– Amr Arafa is a friend of a lifetime, and we have a strong relationship and unforgettable memories. We cooperated when I supervised the production of my first films as a producer, “Laughter, Play, Find and Love”, which was the first and last production and I cannot repeat the production experience again, because artistic production requires a certain skill, And Arafa deals with technical matters with the utmost skill and craftsmanship, as I dealt with him as a director through the Saray Abdeen series.

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* It is said that you often interfere in the scenario?

It is possible, of course, as long as this does not disturb the general context of the artwork. Sometimes I see that my intervention is natural and my right, given that I have experience that allows me to do so, especially since this does not cause an imbalance in the work.

* Do you interfere in the nomination of some artists to participate in the work?

– Certainly, this is the director’s inherent right only, but this does not prevent me from participating in the discussions and nominations and presenting my point of view if necessary in case I find a suitable actor for a particular role and the director likes it, but in the end it is my advisory opinion and the final decision of the director.

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* How do you see the competition this year in the Ramadan race?

– I do not concern myself with what is going on around me, and I prefer that my focus be in the performance of the role that I play in a large way, this year I wished to present a comedy work, which has already happened, especially since we have all the factors of success, whether actors or script, a distinguished director and a wonderful producer who believes in work technical presentation.

* The public awaits your works every year.. Will this be a burden for you?

– Certainly a great responsibility, as it is an important and great feeling, and I hope to be up to this responsibility, and to be the happiest around me, and the happiest with my work. My first goal is to reach the audience in a satisfactory manner, whether the work is comedic or tragic.

* Do you realize that satisfying the public in general is impossible?

– It is not possible to satisfy all the audience, but the artist’s conscience must be satisfied, and the conscience is the artist’s measure and reference, and satisfying the audience is undoubtedly difficult, but if the audience loves an artist, he will love him unconditionally, and his admiration is absolute, the love of the audience is an energy that always pushes the artist forward .