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Youssef Al-Khal defends Nicole Saba in the manner of Will Smith (video)

Youssef Al-Khal defends Nicole Saba in the manner of Will Smith (video)

The Lebanese artist, Youssef El Khal, published a video of him, expressing his defense of his wife, Will Smith, at the Oscars, when he slapped comedian Chris Rock, after the latter made a joke about Smith’s wife for shaving her hair, which angered Smith.

The uncle appeared with his wife, Nicole Saba, as they were eating in a restaurant, and a young man intruded on them, photographing them on his phone, asking the famous actor about his opinion of Smith’s behavior. ».

Al-Khal expressed his approval of Smith’s behavior in defense of his wife Jada in a spontaneous way, as he posted a video clip on his page in the “Instagram” application, in which he appeared with his star wife Nicole Saba in a restaurant, so that someone asked him about his opinion of what Will did at the Oscars, and if Was it his place, would he have done the same or not?

Youssef Al-Khal seemed calm at first, then replied: “Bullying has become present and we are used to it, but if it is related to a medical condition, I will not be silent. Do you want to know what to do?!” and suddenly punched him.

Chris Rock was about to announce the award for Best Documentary when he teased Jada Pinkett Smith, “I’m excited to see GI Jane II,” referring to her hair fall. GI Jane is about a woman who joins the Marine Corps and cuts her hair to prove she can work with men.

Will Smith surprised the Oscars audience when he climbed the stage and slapped Chris Rock, and returned to his seat shouting “Don’t mention my wife’s name again.”

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