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Setkání různých světů. Boxerskou legendu Floyda Mayweathera vyzve youtuber Logan Paul

Youtube conquer boxing. Internet star vs legend under special rules

A struggle between two worlds. What does Floyd Mayweather have in common with Logan Paul? Probably nothing except American citizenship. It is divided into eighteen years and fifteen centimeters and weighs about fourteen kilograms. The sporting success behind Mayweather is incomparable, Paul is best known as the creator of the internet, yet the two will play together in the ring tomorrow morning in Miami under specially modified rules.

If you’ve never heard of Jake or Logan Paul as a die-hard boxing fan, know that these two guys are now the most talked about people in the angle world. Younger Jake (24) knocked out Ben Askrin in March and arranged another showdown with former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley. Sheik Logan, 26, will face the legendary Floyd Mayweather tomorrow morning as part of an exhibition in Miami.

None of the participants will win points. There will be no point judges around the ring. The match will not have an official winner, even if it ends with a knockout. The mere fact that both boxers must meet a different weight limit negates the habits of professional sports. Paul should weigh less than 190 lbs (about 86 kg), while Mayweather should weigh no more than 160 lbs (72.5 kg approx.).

“I don’t need to use Plan A, or B or C. I can try Plan Z,” the boxer told a news conference despite having to face a massive collective deficit. However, he replaces it with skills and experience. Mayweather ended his professional career in 2015. Two years later, he returned to bring down mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor in his debut between the ropes and rounded the balance to 50-0.

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From that moment on, he’s only returned to the ring once to blast Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa at another show. Now the athlete, nicknamed “Money”, returns again, precisely because of his bold earnings. According to the SportingFree website, she will earn a base ten million dollars (about 210 million kroner). In addition, he receives up to 50% of the money received from the transmissions sold, the salary of which can reach heavenly heights.

“I can get maybe fifty million dollars for a normal game. Or I can go with Logan, and enjoy earning a hundred million or more,” Mayweather shrugged. According to the same portal, Paul should earn $250,000 (about 5.2 million kroner) and ten percent of his PPV.

One of the best boxers in the history of Floyd Mayweather

“I think it will be the most watched boxing event in history,” Paul predicted in one of his audio files. “People are constantly asking me for experienced tickets. Dude, I’m a wrestler, I’m not interested in your tickets.”

The American YouTuber, along with his younger brother Jake, decided to break into the world of boxing offline as well, which he managed to do with this clash, no matter how it turned out. Getting into the Mayweather Arena is a dream for many, and Paul only had to complete one professional match, which he also lost. In November 2019, he lost points to a British YouTuber nicknamed KSI. He was in control of the fencing, but when he sent his opponent to the ground in the fourth round, he hit him in the back of the head, deducting two points from the referee.

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However, he is not lacking in confidence. “I fire Floyd Mayweather and become the best boxer on the planet. Then I’ll retire and I won’t take revenge,” the American told Showtime Sports with a dose of exaggeration. “She really thinks I’m only on YouTube. He does not know who to enter the ring with. He feels like a fake wrestler.”

At the moment, however, Logan’s brother is more successful in defeating opponents. After knocking out basketball player Nat Robinson, Jake Paul decided to conquer the MMA boxing scene. In October, he brought down former Bellator MMA and One Championship champion Ben Askren in the opening round, but is known for his poor performance. At the moment he is preparing for another challenge, on August 28, he will face the former UFC fairweight king, Tyron Woodley.

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