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Youtube Originals End Like Director

Youtube Originals End Like Director

Source: YouTube

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Some time ago, Youtube offered a paid version to users, thanks to which it is possible to get content without ads, as well as additional functions within the platform. But the service wanted to provide added value, which is why Youtube Originals were created. So far, this project offers content directly sponsored by the platform. There are even series and other content. Unfortunately, this project is ending, and not only that.

Changes on the horizon

In 2019, it was reported that content falls under it Youtube Originals will be available for free, but this move clearly did not lead to success either. Apparently, the strategy has been revised and this project is coming to an end. But this is not the only change. Even director Susan Daniels, who owned Youtube Originals, quit her post and possibly the entire Youtube platform.

This information was published by Robert Kyncl in an email to the creators themselves. Youtube will continue to produce its own content, but only within Youtube Kids and Black Voice. It is not yet clear if we will only see the change or if the company will focus on and assist existing creators. Youtube Originals should gradually become a competition to create other streaming platforms, but it is clear that Google will have to invest more effort and especially money.

YouTube Originals

Source: YouTube

Among other things, Robert shared some numbers from the stats. The YouTube Partner Program has paid out about $30 billion to two million creators in the past three years. However, the revenue itself is increasing, so we can expect news and further development of the Youtube platform. After all, suffice it to say that in 2010 the revenue was less than a billion dollars and after ten years it is already 20 billion dollars.

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