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اليوتيوبر أنس مروة يقدم 26 هدية لزوجته أصالة - فيديو

YouTuber Anas Marwa presents 26 gifts to his wife Asala – video

Posted Sunday 03rd October 2021 05:36 PM

YouTuber Anas Marwa and his wife Asala Al-Maleh

Al-Madina News: The Syrian YouTuber, Anas Marwa, surprised his wife, Asala Al-Maleh, by giving her 26 gifts on the occasion of her twenty-sixth birthday. Anas revealed in a YouTube video that he was confused about the gift he would give his wife on this occasion.
Anas said in the video, which included a message to his wife: “I love you so much.. God bless you.. I don’t know how I want to express what is in my heart.. When I married you, I loved you, but I did not expect that today I love you more.”

Anas revealed to Asala during the video that he will present her, over 3 days, 26 surprises over the number of her years, saying, “Each surprise will be greater than the other.”
The first surprise was 10,000 balloons, and among these many balloons were 3 white balloons inside each balloon, including a paper to identify the three days. According to the balloons, the first day will be “art” and the second will be “madness” and the third is “love.”
As for the second surprise, Asala had to choose between two songs, for the latter to choose the second song, and the third surprise was the recording of the song that Asala chose with her voice.
The fourth surprise was a video clip for the song she recorded, and the fifth surprise was a photo session with her husband and their children.
The sixth gift was a contract presented to her by her daughter Mila during the photo session, and the seventh was an “umrah”, and Anas revealed that their son was supposed to present it, but he was asleep at that moment.
The eighth gift was a large banner in the streets bearing the name of Asala Al-Maleh’s song with its image, which is one of Al-Maleh’s childhood dreams. The ninth surprise was 26 hamburgers in a restaurant.
The tenth surprise was characterized by wit, and it was an Asala birthday song from “Abu Al-Rub”, which appeared in a funny style, wearing a bright navy suit, and the eleventh surprise was an interview with the et Arabic program, to be surprised by the entry of the Lebanese artist Melhem Zain, who was surprise No. 12 .
While Anas chose surprise number 13 as a sleight of hand show in front of Asala and artist Melhem Zain, and the 14th gift was a new wedding for the duo Asala and Anas, and Asala wore a wedding dress to celebrate her second wedding.
The 15th surprise was an ongoing charity, a well in the name of Asala, and the duo Ziyad and Sarah presented the 16th gift, which was the largest kabsa bowl.
The 17th surprise was 26 operations for people with vision problems, and the 18th was a “car” that Asala would present to one of her followers.
Anas chose for the 19th gift to be a special drawing of Asala, presented by “Izza and Nour”.
The famous social media star, Noor Stars, presented gift No. 20 to Asala, and it was also a variety of 26 gifts.
Anas presented Asala with a unique adventure, which is jumping out of the plane to be her 21st surprise. The 22nd surprise was a house of roses, while the 23rd surprise was Anas’ arrival to Earth through a balloon to present her with a bouquet of roses to be the 24th surprise.
Anas concluded the celebration by presenting two envelopes to form the 25th gift, while the 26th surprise was the release of a pigeon from the cage into the air.

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