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Yusa, Blinken warns China: “This is a different challenge from others”

“China is the only country that enjoys such economic, diplomatic, military and technological power that it seriously questions the stability and transparency of the current international system.” Anthony Blink, US Secretary of State, during a speech in the State Department, the real speech of the Chief of US Diplomacy, because the challenge posed by the People’s Republic is very different from everyone else. Blinken outlined the priorities that guide the Fiden administration’s action in foreign policy. Surveillance word: diplomacy.

North Korea, Iran and Russia are countries that pose serious threats to the United States, countries that Washington may face, and will do so by offering concessions on the line of conversation. But for the next few years, China will be at the center of US global and geopolitical activities. The Secretary of State explained that in practically every front, the United States faces China from the need to overcome the technological challenge to climate change. Be when our relationship with Beijing is as competitive and cooperative as possible. We will consider China as an enemy when we are, but we will behave from a position of strength. China is the biggest geopolitical experiment of the 21st century.

In Blingen’s speech, the differences in attitude with the former Trump administration are clear and obvious, abandoning this strategy altogether.America first, Already widely reported by Biden’s election as President of the White House. Blingen spoke of the importance of combating global warming, the need for Donald Trump to re-engage in strengthening international organizations such as the United Nations, which has recently been in crisis, as well as renewing diversity. The Secretary of State said it was essential to find a way to put an end to the new corona virus epidemic, strengthen the international financial system, invest in global security, co-operate with allies, fight corruption and promote respect for human rights. .

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«We will not promote democracy through drastic military interventions or attempts to overthrow dictatorial regimes by using force.“Diplomacy, not military action, always comes first,” he declared. We have seen in the past how this kind of intervention has cost the United States and other countries so much, ”he added. Words that confirm a particular awareness of the current administration in conducting or engaging in long and complex conflicts such as military interventions that led to the deaths of many American soldiers in Afghanistan or created chaotic situations. Just like in Libya. This means that the US wants to engage in dialogue with Iran, allowing Washington to return to the JCBOA, the nuclear deal that the US abandoned in 2018. And this is the goal of the Iranian regime, which is still shaken. General Solomon was assassinated at the hands of the United States in January 2020 out of unforgettable humiliation. Although Iran has refused to invite them from the European Union to attend a meeting with the United States on the future of the JCBOA, talks are still underway with Tehran. With its Asian allies, on the other hand, in recent years, the United States has focused only on the need to reduce defense spending incurred by Washington in support of Tokyo and Seoul. It sounds like Blinken is saying to Japan and South Korea: “We’re back, trust us again.”

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