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Žabka supermarket chain is changing the prices of basic foodstuffs

Žabka supermarket chain is changing the prices of basic foodstuffs

The retail chain of food and other goods Žabka operates as an independent company of the Tesco Group. It is a network of franchise stores with defined standards across the Czech Republic. Most Žabka stores are located mainly in Prague and the wider region, but also in other places.

Consistently low prices for best-selling products

As the company now announces in a press release, it has offered consistently low prices for its best-selling products throughout the Czech Republic. There are around 200 items across the Žabka range, which is an integral part of the customer’s core cart. Specifically, these are, for example, selected types of bread, milk, butter and eggs, but also some sweets and drinks.

The introduction of permanently lower prices in the network of Žabka stores is associated with a change in business strategy and will affect more than a hundred stores throughout the Czech Republic, where abka has been operating for more than ten years.

“From the very beginning, we try to understand what our customers are most interested in and do their best to satisfy them. Being a very wide and diverse group of people with different demands and financial possibilities, we must pay attention not only to the wide choice and quality of products, but also to their prices. Moreover, at a time that is economically challenging for almost everyone, “ He said Radim Lundageneral manager of abka retail network.

With this step, the company wants to retain existing customers and at the same time attract new ones:

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“We believe that offering consistently low prices for basic and best-selling products will be appreciated by everyone. At the same time, we would like to address other potential customers with this step” Radim Lunda says:

Žabka also offers online shopping

The Žabka chain of stores also offers the possibility of online shopping. The customer can choose from nearly 900 items in the full range of pastries, through vegetables, and even drinks. Purchases must be delivered 30 to 60 minutes after ordering.

Online orders are not carried out via the Žabka website, but directly via courier services. You can shop through three services, Bolt, Wolt, and Dame Meal, right from their site.

Other slipper services

In addition to selling food and other basic assortments, Žabka continues to offer a number of other practical additional services to customers, such as the aforementioned online shopping with the possibility of delivery or pickup directly in the store.

It is also possible to pay coupons, top-up, cash out, or various payment methods in stores, including meal vouchers, contactless payment cards or payment vouchers. In this regard, abka is also developing, in 55 stores customers now have the opportunity to use the PPL package receipt, while the packing shop is available in 27 stores.