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Princezna Latífa (vpravo) v Dubaji.

Zada lost Princess Lotfi. United Nations forced to post his photos on Instagram | SVT

Dubai / Prague The new photos from The Dubai Mall gave a chapter in the strange story of Princess Latifa Lattafa. However, her fate remains unclear from the dramatic attempt to weave Emert in 2018.

You stayed for several years in an unknown city according to your reason, and then suddenly appear in a very crowded city with a bird, openly showing pictures from this meeting, and disappearing again Unknown Princess Latifa Maktum, the daughter of the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and the Emir of Dubai Mohammed Maktamah, was supposed to By doing just that in the last days.

Leonid Tayloroff

Meanwhile, the last work of pbhu, reminiscent of Detective Five, was purchased early last year, and the photos were posted this week on Instagram. There is Latifa with two other women at a table in a Dubai shopping center. One of the pictures has a Prima veer s pteli poster and in the background you can see an advertisement for a movie that started showing in the UAE only in mid-May. This indicates that the images can be out of sync.

In the last photo, Latifa was sitting in a cafe, staring at the camera with an inconspicuous bump, and next to her was a woman who was identified by the people familiar with the case as a fortune teller. All of the women pictured in the photos are real people and at least one of them is known by name.

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The nose as in the movie

life pbh Today, for five years, Latfy has taken a dramatic turn in the burrow of 2018, when the princess tries to escape from the Emirates for the second time. With the help of a series of dog accomplices, she guides Omn to a yacht outfitted in the waters of the Indian Award. A few days later, when the ship was not far from running in western India, it was still possible to go in international waters led by special forces of the Indian and Emirati armies.

The UAE and India secret services cooperated in the event, as described in the Bikof movie, and military ships and aircraft from the two countries participated in the event. Among other things, armed men stormed the yacht with the help of lightning grants, detained the crew and then Latifa was returned to Emert.

Since then, the princess resides in an unknown city, and according to disputes, information from the principality family is good. However, the reality may be very different, as the video ad published by the BBC this year indicates: The princess talks about him about a forced stay in a villa with darkened windows and a wall shelf. The circumstances of the sign’s origin and the manner in which it was supposed to be pushed out remain unclear.

Zajmme se xl

According to David Hay, co-founder of the Osvobote Latfu media campaign, posting the latest photos gave a positive signal all the time. How accurate is the messages with pictures to send a bag of unclear certainty is just that there is a shift in the case. This may be due to pressure from the United Nations, which in recent months has begun to take great interest in the fate of the princess, and in April the UAE provided evidence that the princess is alive.

Princess Lat

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The Latvian case is getting a lot of attention, especially in the UK, where the case appears regularly in the fewest months. In the past, the British Isles has twice been the subject of other controversial people from the Muktam family. In 2000, Latvin’s old sister, Amsu, was left untouched by his father from Cambridge, who, during his vacation in Britain, separated from her family with the aim of staying permanently in London. Mohammed’s ex-wife, Haja, fled from Emert to the UK in 2019 and filed for divorce.

Only international organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have so far criticized the apparent strange situation in the Dubai family. In contrast, the British government is still wonderfully tame. The strongest statement by Prime Minister Boris Johnson after the release of the Norwegian video was known. We will be interested in the issue and wait for further development. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the government had no issue on Latvian’s mind with the prince’s commanders.

Thus the UAE remains formally a major ally of the United Kingdom, as both countries maintain trade ties from an exchange of normal goods to a memorandum of nuclear cooperation, with about 100,000 Britons satisfied with the Persian Gulf. For the British government, Lutfi’s fate remains in a moral dilemma, at least for now.

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