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Zaghari-Ratcliffe: Forced signing of false confessions in Iran

Zaghari-Ratcliffe: Forced signing of false confessions in Iran

Zachary-Radcliffe, a British-Iranian Nassan, said he had signed a “false confession” in the presence of a British government representative before returning to the UK in March after six years in detention in Iran.

“The revolutionary guards took me to the airport. I did not see my family. Instead, they forced me to sign a confession in the presence of the British government,” Zachary-Radcliffe told the BBC. Evening.

And she continued, “They told me they would not let me board the plane (…) They told me they had received the money,” referring to the 400 400 million old debt that London owes in support of Iran. .

“Then why did they put me to sign a false paper? These are false confessions,” she asked. Zachary-Radcliffe explained that there was a British officer at the time of the signing, noting that the incident was documented on video.

He acknowledged that their confession had been obtained through torture, and that their confession had been obtained through torture.

Zachary-Radcliffe, 43, returned to the UK in mid-March after six years in detention in Iran on charges of plotting to overthrow the “Islamic Republic”, a Thomson Reuters employee has always denied.

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After London repayed an old debt of 4 394 million (approximately 3 463 million) owed to Iran, he was released along with his twin cousins, Anoushe Ashori.

A British government spokesman insisted that “Iran was subjected to a terrible test until Zachary-Radcliffe left his country” and that London “worked tirelessly to put an end to his unjust detention.”

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He called on Tehran to release all British and foreign nationals detained in Iran.

On May 13, the British-Iranian, along with her husband Richard Radcliffe, met with Prime Minister Boris Johnson to discuss the “mistakes” he had made in London while he was in custody.

At the end of the meeting, Radcliffe noted that his release could have been faster.

In late 2017, Johnson, the then foreign secretary, made the big mistake of claiming that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was training journalists in Iran – which he denied – thus giving Tehran a reason to detain him.