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Zahrat Al Khaleej - After announcing the broadcast of 2020, "Netflix" returns the audience to "prestige"

Zahrat Al Khaleej – After announcing the broadcast of 2020, “Netflix” returns the audience to “prestige”

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A few days after the Netflix platform announced the re-broadcast of the famous series 2020, which was produced two years ago, and starred by the Syrian actor Qusai Khouli, and the Lebanese Nadine Njeim, which met with wide interaction and welcome through the “Social Media” platforms, the platform returned a few days after this announcement. With another surprise for its many subscribers around the world, to announce the start of showing new parts of the prestige series.

The hero of the series, in its five parts, the Syrian actor Tim Hassan, announced the start of showing the second, third and fourth parts of “Al-Hiba”, in all languages, via “Netflix”.

The series is not alien to the global network, as it has shown the first part of it several years ago, and viewership rates have been issued in it, and it has always been able to reserve an advanced position among the most followed and famous works on the platform.

The work witnessed great stability in most of the characters who presented starring roles over five seasons, with the exception of the women’s championship, which was changing in every part of it, where Nadine Njeim appeared as a hero for the first part, and Nicole Saba was the hero of the second part, while Cyrine Abdel Nour presented the female lead role in The third part, followed by Dima Kandalaft in the fourth, before Aimee Sayah concluded this series of “prestige” heroines, when she appeared in the fifth and final part of the work, which “Netflix” has not announced yet.

The prestige series has been dubbed “The Epic,” which tells the story of the border town of prestige between Syria and Lebanon, and tells stories about smuggling, and about the control of a number of outlaws on the borders, and their control over the passage of smuggled goods.

The Syrian actor, Tim Hassan, was an absolute hero for all parts of the work, which achieved less success than a series that spanned for five seasons. The tremendous success of this work turned it into a movie, inspired by the same story, and in the presence of the main heroes of the series, led by Tim Hassan, who was famous for the character “Jabal”. As usual in all parts of the drama, the heroine was changed in the film, and the female lead was assigned to the young Lebanese actress, Zina Makki.

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The film is expected to be shown during the upcoming Eid al-Adha season, and the series and film are directed by Samer Barkawi, and produced by Sabah Brothers Company, owned by well-known producer Sadiq Al-Sabah.