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Zahrat Al-Khaleej - After her hint... Nermin Mohsen wears the hijab permanently

Zahrat Al-Khaleej – After her hint… Nermin Mohsen wears the hijab permanently

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The Saudi artist, Nermin Mohsen, surprised the audience on social networking sites by revealing that she wore the hijab once and for all, after she hinted at her thinking about making this decision two months ago.

Nermin appeared, in a video clip, through her account of the “Snapchat” application, wearing the hijab, declaring that the thought of making the decision was the reason behind her disappearance in the last period, and her avoidance of appearing in “Social Media”.

Nermin continued, saying that it was necessary to stay away from all humans when acknowledging and implementing what she wanted, indicating that no one shared her decision, but she told her mother after she made the decision permanently that she would wear the veil.

And the Saudi actress commented, saying to her audience: “Before I return to Riyadh, I would like to tell you from the Mosque of the Messenger of God that I decided to veil.”

Nermin wished that the decision she had made would be good for her in this world and the hereafter, and she also wished that God would forgive her for her past, and accept good deeds.

At the end of last June, Nermin responded to a question she received about the possibility of wearing the hijab, expressing her wish to reach the stage of wearing the hijab.

And Nermin continued, in a video clip that she documented through her account on “Snapchat” at the time, saying: “I hope to reach a stage where I am completely satisfied, and myself be comfortable with the decisions that I take.”

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And Nermin commented, saying: “The issue feels like self-jihad, but, God willing, and I hope the Lord of the worlds guides me to what he loves and is satisfied, not only with the veil, for everything in this life.”

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And she added: “On topics deeper than the veil, psychologically and internally, how do you observe the Lord of the Worlds in your dealings with people, this is one of the most important things… I hope to reach this stage, the stage of contentment with my Lord.”

It is noteworthy that the last participation of the artist Nermin Mohsen in the Saudi drama was through the second part of the series “Al-Asouf”, where she embodied the role of the daughter of the actor Abdulaziz Al-Sakirin.