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Zahrat Al Khaleej - Amr Youssef plays tennis... and comments: My new addictionإدمان

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Amr Youssef plays tennis… and comments: My new addictionإدمان

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The Egyptian artist, Amr Youssef, shared with his followers on the social networking site “Instagram” his love for a new hobby, which is playing tennis, stressing his strong attachment to it, to the point that it became an addiction for him.

Youssef published a set of photos of him playing tennis, and wrote on them: “Tennis is my new addiction.” The photos were admired by a large number of followers, including director Magdi Al-Hawari, stressing that practicing sports is worthy of him.

The Egyptian artist Amr Youssef has been absent from “Social Media” for a long time, since the filming of his series “The King” was stopped on the fifth of April after the severe attack on the work; Because of the historical errors that appeared during the embodiment of the story of King Ahmose.

Before the decision to stop filming the series “The King”, Youssef was interested in publishing his propaganda on his pages, and after the production company’s decision to stop the series, he completely disappeared from appearing on “Social Media”, as he contented himself with the beginning of Ramadan by publishing a picture of “Happy New Year”.

Amr Youssef received great support from his fellow artists after stopping the series, as they refused to stop any artwork, based on the opinion of the pioneers of the communication sites, and to pass judgments about it before following it in full.

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The United Media Services Company had announced the formation of an urgent committee of a group of specialists in history, archeology and sociology, to watch the series, review the full script, and express an objective and professional opinion.

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