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Zahrat Al Khaleej - Angham presents a "faint palette"

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Angham presents a “faint palette”

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The Egyptian singer describes Angham after her and her separation from her lover in a faded painting, and the line written on a page and has been “scrambled” on it so that no one can understand and read it at all.
Angham continues with many descriptions expressing the pain of the two lovers that befell them because of the distance, wondering about the reason for the separation, and why they originally agreed to it despite their great love for each other.
Angham presents a lot of feelings in her new masterpiece, “Painted Painting”, which she released last night, and says at the beginning:
“Do you know how long we are apart?
Like a faded painting that doesn’t paint
A line in a page flopped on it
Whatever you read in it, you will not understand it.”
The song presented by Angham carried her delicate sense and sweet smell, as if she had been colored with her perfume, separated according to her size, and she wrote her words to be sung only by Angham, and it is from the words of Nader Abdullah, composed by artist Tamer Ashour, and distributed by musician Tariq Madkour.

Angham promoted the song by posting a small clip of it through all of her official accounts on the “Social Media” platforms, commenting on some of her words, and she also decided to put her picture of the song on all her official accounts: “Facebook”, “Instagram” and “Twitter”. Even on her official YouTube channel.
Immediately, the comments of the followers expressing the beauty and splendor of the work, including the Egyptian actress, Engy Ali, who described her as “very sweet”, while others considered that Angham was out of competition, calling her the description of the queen, and some thanked her for proving that hope still exists for the return of original art. Followers praised the sincerity of her feeling, and that it greatly overshadowed the work.

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Angham presented a “faint painting” in conjunction with her presence in the State of Kuwait to revive a large public concert, with which the artist Fouad Abdel Wahed will participate, and it will be held at the fairgrounds in Kuwait.
During her announcement of the concert, the Egyptian singer asked her followers to write to her the names of the songs they would prefer to hear at the concert, in order to meet their requests and tastes.

“Bad Painting” is considered the second release of Angham within one month, after it was distinguished greatly in the song “I am not weak”, written by Dr. Medhat El-Adl, composed by Ahmed El-Adl, and presented by Angham during this year’s Ramadan drama in the series “Faten Amal Harbi”. Starring actress Nelly Karim.
A few days ago, Angham performed a successful concert in Al-Qassim, Saudi Arabia, during which she presented a bouquet of her most beautiful songs, amid a rare interaction from the large audience gathered in the concert hall.

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